Pre-release v2.2 is now available (Updated 9 August)

IMPORTANT: If you are a plugin developer or if, as a user, you notice a plugin that no longer works, please read this post: Important: plugins that use deprecated APIs will no longer work

  • New: Add keyboard shortcuts for inserting lists in Rich Text editor (#5137 by Philipp Keck)
  • New: Plugins: Add support for gotoAnything command so that it can be called from plugins (00b39e4)
  • Improved: Interpret only valid search filters (#5103) (#3871 by @JackGruber)
  • Fixed: Empty note list panel does not scale with the note content panel (#5141) (#4524 by Siddharth Magadum)
  • Fixed: Fix double-paste also on Linux (#5143) (#4243 by Philipp Keck)
  • Fixed: Joplin crashes when trying to Change application layout (#5134) (#5111 by @mablin7)
  • Fixed: Plugins: Fix type of PostMessageHandler (#5138 by @thejohnfreeman)

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  • New: Plugins: Add ability to make dialogs fit the application window (#5219 by @Ahmad45123)
  • New: Plugins: Add support for loading application chrome and note CSS from the plugin (07d2a60)
  • New: Turn old plugin deprecation notices into errors (7f00e4e)
  • Improved: Converted Clipper notification to a modal dialog that shows up in all screens (fb9ec10)
  • Improved: GotoAnything sometimes is not working on first try (#5184)
  • Improved: Increase space between paragraphs in viewer and Rich Text editor to match Markdown editor (#5256)
  • Fixed: Disable "Dropped file type is not supported" notification in Rich Text editor (#5268)
  • Fixed: Do not export share properties (#5232)
  • Fixed: Fixed header spacing (regression) (d3cd843)
  • Fixed: Fixed issue with orphaned resource being created in case of a resource conflict (#5223)
  • Fixed: Fixed plugin state when it has been deleted outside the app (#5253)
  • Fixed: Fixed recipient list colors in Share Notebook dialog (#5258)
  • Fixed: Fixed share note color in note list (#5259)
  • Fixed: Focus is lost while searching in all notes (#5208)
  • Fixed: Import highlighted text from ENEX files (#5213)
  • Fixed: Katex code could be broken after editing it in Rich Text editor (#5241)

v2.2.5 is now available. If you are using templates please give this release a try as it moves the feature from the main app to a plugin. Any issue post back here or directly on @nishantwrp's template plugin repository


Much gratitude for all the work done by you and others!

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@laurent Thanks for your hard work. I have been trying to get Joplin working for months now and syncing with my laptop and main pc and at time get very frustrated.

Just wanted to take a deep-breath and say thanks!

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  • Improved: Fix AWS S3 sync error and upgrade framework to v3 (#5212) (#4810 by Lee Matos)
  • Improved: Handles OneDrive throttling responses and sets User-Agent based on Microsoft best practices (#5246) (#5244 by @alec)
  • Improved: Plugins: Hide note list menu items for commands that are disabled (#5270 by @Ahmad45123)
  • Improved: Prevent plugins from crashing the application (#5273)
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