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Note overview

The Plugin creates a note overview based on the defined search and the specified fields.

Create one or more notes with the following content:

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: -tag:*
fields: updated_time, title
sort: title DESC

@mrichman I have published the plugin


Interesting plugin. What would be an example use case that cannot be satisfied with a search?

I collect my open ToDos type:todo iscompleted:0 and notes with project tag:project_a overviews.

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As a personal use, I see the possibility to create notes like Saved searches (in Evernote) based on various criteria and automatically updated as soon as a note is added with the matching criteria (some kind of dynamic "super" tables of contents for notes).

I've just created this overview search: notebook:books tag:family -tag:children
Added 2 other notes, and it works like a charm.

Brilliant ! Thank you.
I will be able to keep tracks of some complicated searches I'm doing sometimes.

(Note : in the github description, I think there is an error in "Automatic > Search for combine-notes")


Great use for this!

When I first saw the plugin, I didn't realize it was creating a new note for each search, so I didn't connect it to Evernote's saved searches. But now that I see it uses a different note for each search, it's a great way to replicate Evernote saved searches.

Just put all these note overview notes in a separate notebook (named, e.g., "saved searches") and you have one click access to your collection of saved searches.

Edit: And now that we have the Favorites plugin, you can place these note overviews in Favorites for even quicker access to these saved searches.


tnx, fixed

What is the auto-update frequency? Seems less than a few minutes as I added a note and when I checked back in ~3 min, the note overview note was already updated.

This is very useful plugin! I think I'll move over a large chunk of my EN notes this weekend as Joplin with plugins is quickly closing the gap on Evernote.

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The note content is updated every 5 minutes or manualy by Tools > Create Note overview .

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awesome plugin, do you think is possible to add the notebook name in table fields? i know is not a note property but maybe there is a way to recover that field and it would be very useful

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Agree, and awesome plugin that is able to replace the saved searches from Evernote. Somehow, I had to install - uninstall a few times before it worked. It seems to work now, but manual updating seems to be not so robust.

Oh, and the time is displayed in 12-hour format, where i have set Joplin to 24-hour format.

Is already in planning also for Tag's :slight_smile:

At the moment the local Time format from the system should be use.
I will check if I can use the Joplin local for the time formating.


Great! Yet, my system (windows10) does display the time in 24H format. But this plugin doesn't...

Also, there seems to be an issue with updating of the overview notes. It is hit and miss... At this moment it just does not work. But at other occasions the overview just appears after a synchronisation. Have installed and uninstalled several times.

Great plugin, thanks.
I'm waiting for the possibility to display tags :slight_smile:

I'm maybe asking too much, but personally I would like to have the possibility to display if a specific tag is present or not (and be able to customize the displayed text).

v1.1.0 (2021-01-19)

  • Use Joplin Date and Time settings
  • Add tags and notebook as fields for output


the search is executed, then the notes are updated. If the note that is selected is changed, this is not updated directly, for this the note must be changed once.
Another problem can be that the field selection is incorrect. then the notes are not updated.

Update looks good, just tested on a note with 4 tags, and it displays as expected.

Would it be possible to include note size? Or is that not easy to access via plugin?

Being able to easily see note size is one thing I miss from Evernote. I used that periodically to identify the largest notes (always due to attachments) and prune those that were no longer relevant.

The size of the attachments can be queried. The note itself has no size field, also the versions of the note are missing. I'll add it to the list, but I can't guarantee anything.

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No guarantees required, the plugin is useful as is! Size would just be a bonus. Might see if others would also find note attachment size to be useful.

Note size itself would typically be immaterial relative to attachment size, so not having that wouldn't matter to most I would imagine. The attachments is how we bloat up our notes.

v1.2.0 (2021-01-22)

  • New: Field alias (rename fields)
  • New: size as field for output

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