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Joplin version 1.0.211 to 1.0.220

Here are the news and improvements:

This release includes a rewrite of the note editor component in order to allow further improvements (which were no longer possible) and to make it easier to maintain both WYSIWYG editors and regular editor.

A new button “Code View” has been added to switch between the WYSIWYG editor and the Markdown editor.

The note-specific toolbar has also been moved next to the title field for now because it wasn’t practical to leave it with the editor-specific toolbar (and also not logical). It might be tweaked or moved later on once we have a clearer idea of what we want to do.

Finally, the tag bar has been moved to the top of the note editor pane. Again this was in part necessary after the refactoring, but also more logical since the tags are relevant to the note, but not to the note content. So it makes more sense to have the editor toolbar right next to the editor content, without the tag bar in between, as before.

  • New: Add + to access ‘Zoom In’, allows to use the numpad (#2630 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)

  • New: Add option to “Reveal file in folder” when right-clicking on image

  • New: Added support for basic search

  • New: WYSIWYG: Added localisation support

  • New: WYSIWYG: Added support for scroll restore

  • New: Added more info on how to switch to Markdown editor

  • New: Add support for system theme auto-switching (#2665)

  • Security: Filter SVG element event attributes to prevent XSS vulnerability (#3143)

  • Improved: Made sidebar chevrons consistent

  • Improved: Add note history (back/forward buttons) (#2819) (#2409 by Naveen M V)

  • Improved: Moved note-related toolbar button next to tag bar

  • Improved: Switch to Font Awesome as icon library (#3137)

  • Improved: Upgraded to Electron 8.2.5

  • Improved: WYSIWYG: Allow pasting images in editor

  • Improved: Handle compositionend event in TinyMCE (#3164 by Shotaro Yamada)

  • Improved: Improve automatic title generation (#2955) (#2915 by anirudh murali)

  • Improved: Remove colour gradient from sidebar and replaced expand icons with chrevrons

  • Improved: Started resource fetcher service when a note has been decrypted

  • Improved: Support Windows tiles (#3063 by Giacomo Rossetto)

  • Improved: WYSIWYG: Enable context menu on resources, links and text

  • Improved: WYSIWYG: Handle “Paste as text” when pressing Ctrl+Shift+V

  • Improved: WYSIWYG: Handle drag and drop of notes and files

  • Improved: Themes switched for more appealing text highlighting (#3192) (#2883 by @infinity052)

  • Fixed: Fix undo issue when loading new note

  • Fixed: Fixed inserting templates into existing notes (#3259)

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with the editor showing previous note when it should show nothing

  • Fixed: Fixed two way scrolling issue in Markdown editor

  • Fixed: Fixed infinite rendering loop, which would cause the app to crash (white window) (#3200)

  • Fixed: Markdown editor would not scroll in sync with viewer in some cases (#3228)

  • Fixed: Sync would fail in some cases due to a database error (#3234)

  • Fixed: Better handling of missing table field bug on Linux (#3088)

  • Fixed: Disable or enable menu items depending on the current view (#2467)

  • Fixed: Fix focus after exiting GotoAnything (#3075) (#3066 by Mohammed Rabeeh)

  • Fixed: Fix format of geolocation data (#2673 by @mic704b)

  • Fixed: Fix issue where last used filename was displayed when exporting directory

  • Fixed: Fixed KaTeX font issue in exported PDF and HTML (#3089 by @kowalskidev)

  • Fixed: Fixed background color on large Mermaid graphs (#3111) (#3109 by Rahul Mohata)

  • Fixed: Fixed note toolbar layout

  • Fixed: Fixed order of notebooks in “Move to notebook” dialog (#3084) (#3052 by Siddhant Sehgal)

  • Fixed: Fixed regression with Ace Editor (switching layout had bugs)

  • Fixed: Fixed regression with Ace Editor list indentation, and cleaned up code

  • Fixed: Fixed regression with local search (could not be closed anymore)

  • Fixed: Fixed the Goto Anything item list overflow (#3096) (#3095 by Rahul Mohata)

  • Fixed: Fixed various bugs and regressions following note editor refactoring

  • Fixed: Long URIs break Note Info dialog (#3136) (#3131 by Mohammed Rabeeh)

  • Fixed: Prevent Goto Anything from freezing when inputting special characters (#3093)

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG: Fix CODE element style

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG: Fixed clicking a link within a checkbox label

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG: Fixed undo issue when pasting text

  • Fixed: Fix notebook associated with note when doing search, and expand correct notebook (#3219)

  • Fixed: Make sidebar resizable when note list is not displayed (#2895) (#2865 by anirudh murali)

  • Fixed: WYSIWYG: Fixed UI translation issue for certain languages

  • Fixed: Word/character counter includes Markdown syntax and HTML tags (#3037) (#3009 by @RedDocMD)

  • New: Add option to choose Code Mirror as code editor (#3284 by @CalebJohn)

  • New: Translation: Add bahasa indonesia (id_ID.po) (#3246 by @ffadilaputra)

  • Improved: Add support for editable resources (#3305) (#279)

  • Improved: Add support for system keychain to save sensitive settings (#3207) (#2773)

  • Improved: Add way to manually order notes by dragging them (#3235) (#51)

  • Improved: Create new notes with minimum set of properties to prevent a few minor bugs

  • Improved: Dev fix: Only disable editor toolbar in preview mode

  • Improved: Unindent empty list markup on Enter (#2772) (#2614 by Shotaro Yamada)

  • Improved: Upload attachments > 4 MB when using OneDrive (#3195) (#173 by @TheOnlyTrueJonathanHeard)

  • Fixed: Always make the first item selected in Goto Anything (#3181) (#3170 by 叡山电车)

  • Fixed: Attaching an image, then cancelling the resize dialog, would crash the app (#3324)

  • Fixed: Disable editor toolbar when editor is not in focus (#3286)

  • Fixed: Disable middle-clicking external URLs, as they would open inside the application (#3287)

  • Fixed: Fix styling of note title in exported PDF and print (#3227)

  • Fixed: Fixed date popup dialog overflow issue inside info dialog

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with accentuated letters in GotoAnything (#3183) (#3171 by 叡山电车)

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with invalid image paths when config path contains spaces (#3267)

  • Fixed: Fixed note list context menu (#3331)

  • Fixed: Fixed portable app issue with resource paths

  • Fixed: Fixed shortcut to focus Note List when editor is in focus (#3298)

  • Fixed: Make GotoAnyting work with East Asian charactors (#3180) (#3153 by 叡山电车)

  • Fixed: Prevent drag and dropping of text in editor as it can lead to data loss (#3302)

  • Improved: Improved escaping of Markdown titles in links (#3333)

  • Improved: Refactored themes to allow using the same ones in both desktop and mobile version

  • Fixed: Fixed issue with setting filename for edited attachments

  • Fixed: Prevent notebook to be the parent of itself (#3334)