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Plugin: Copy Anchor Link

This plugin will add a copy link icon to each heading of the rendered note so you can easily link to specific heading.


The usage should be self-explanatory as it is quite a common feature


Neat! Thanks for thinking of this.

Does the link change when the sub heading text changes?

No, this plugin just simply copy current id. So if you change the title of the heading all previous links will become broken (the note is still fine though). So use it carefully.

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This is a nice plug-in for the shortcut of "Copy markdown link, append heading text with dashes to that link with # at the beginning."

Thank you..

Edit: Could we also see the icon in Editor too?

I am not very sure what you tried to say, but as for the icon in Editor aspect I did think about it and it is in my backlog.

However, it requires quite a bit of efforts while provide minimal benefit for my workflow as I always use split view. So it is not my priority at the moment.

If someone want to develop such plugin please feel free to do so. People then can decide to install what plugin works great with their setup without having to using both.

This might be a better fit in the Rich Markdown plugin.

@whitewall actually my idea originally comes from Rich Markdown Plug-in and i also want rich markdown to extend itself not just headers but indented list by the way. as i suggested this to @hieuthi i also thought there could be conflict between these two plug-ins but it is better to try than thinking :slight_smile:
@CalebJohn may want to see this?

"We were doing what your plug-in does manually before it showed up" that is what i am saying in my previous post and i just showed the manual way of things. Thank you again.

Don't you want to hear any feedback?

Not really though as i don't want this to be my full time job. I just developed these plugins to improve my own workflow and so give back to the community for whoever need the same solution.

That being said, feel free to give feedback in my threads or anywhere in the forum. I do adopt some good ideas if it benefits me while not a too demanding task. Or maybe someone could read it and realize it.