Copy markdown link header

Hello all, and thanks a lot for your amazing work.

I come from “bear” to joplin, and a feature is really missing. I found no way (and no feature request) to automatically copy the markdown link header (instead of a link to a whole note).

For now I edit links by hands but this is not really convenient. With bear it is possible to right-click a header and to “Copy link to here”.

Thanks again anyway!

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If you right-click on a note in the list of notes, you have an option “Copy Markdown link”, is that what you mean?

I think this is asking about an anchor link next to each header. For example the user might have

# header

And clicking on it should copy

[Some document - header](:/hehdjshdbegye#header)

Wow thanks for your quick answer.
Yep @CalebJohn, I meant exactly this feature.


Ok I see what you mean, and indeed this is not supported.

We don’t have any dynamic context menu like this in the editor, that would allow copying different things based on the context. But I guess it could be added to the viewer itself, a bit like we add a special context menu for images.

That would be great, do you think it might be feasible?