Keyboard shortcut to copy Markdown Link

While creating a New Note and while editing if there can be a Keyboard shortcut that gives the list of Saved notes to copy their Markdown Link, it would be great timer saver

Or for a simple shortcut to copy the the Note while I select it from Side Menu, where I can select note and do something like Ctrl+C or something else, to copy the Markdown link would be great as well, but if the first suggestion I shared can be implemented, then that would be my first preference.

Thank you for this amazing app, one day and I fell in love with it, learning so much and thinking of ways we can make it better as community. :slight_smile:

Would the Quick links plugin help?

When in Markdown, you type @@ and it gives you a list of notes to choose from.


Awesome, thank you. This works great. I came across one such plugin yesterday but it didn't work well for me, so I posted here.

I used "Complete Link" Plugin which adds copy of Markdown Link yesterday, but it only works for the first time and from 2nd use it no longer functions, until I disable it, enable it and restart again. And after the 1st time story repeats itself.