Per-note language tag for spell checking

I don’t know if I am missing something, but Joplin on my mobile always defaults to spell checking in the language I have selected for the Joplin interface, keyboard selection doesn’t matter. Since I don’t type my notes in the language of the interface, my text is 100% red and editing barely works due to lag.

Is it possible to implement per-note language tag for spell checking in whatever language the note is in, or is there another way to do this?


I write notes both in Dutch and in English. I have to switch language all the time to make it match the note language. This functionality would be very beneficial to have the language saved per-note. Another option would be for the spell check to recognize the language automatically, but that might be more complex.

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While this isn't implemented, wouldn't it help (for personal notes) to simply turn spell check off ? If the note is for yourself, it ain't matter. In your mother language it ain't matter. And should you really decide (later) to paste the notes' text into an email or a website, or a document, the spell checker in the target application (e.g. browser) will take care of it.

I no longer have this issue on Android, because it just stopped doing spell checking. Why, I don't know. Also, I've found no way to turn off spell check on mobile.
This issue does remain relevant on desktop where you also cannot change language per note. For those of us who write in several languages it would be really helpful to implement this. There are workarounds and external spell checking is always possible, just not convenient.

In my case, I write mostly documents for my work, conversation reports for Dutch and English-speaking clients, etc. so indeed spell checking is important. For me, switching between the languages is the right workaround, but surely I'm hoping this functionality will be implemented in the near future.

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I agree. There are two issues here.

  • Interface language should not be linked to spell checking at all, these are different things.
  • There should be a configurable default language for notes that can be overridden on a per-note basis.

I am just like armaccloud, I write in both English and Dutch, for different purposes. To me this would be a basic feature that I would use a lot. I already use this in my email program. I am sure it would be valuable to most people for whom English is not their native and only language.

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