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Joplin is the best notepad I see. I think that because is some app to Windows, iOS, Android and Mac, and is synchronization by WebDAV. Now all my notes are keep in my private server and this is the best. But I need spell check. I see issue https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/275 but is blocking by investgate whether Monaco can be used as text editor 路 Issue #1128 路 laurent22/joplin 路 GitHub and 1128 is closed :frowning: Spell checking is abandon or in development?


I couldn鈥檛 agree more. This notepad is terrific and has such a wide range of uses. I鈥檓 a writer (or intend to be one), and would really appreciate having a spell checking capability.

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I鈥檇 also be interested in a spellchecker.
I found out that LanguageTool (a multi language tool which can 鈥checks your writing in more than 20 languages鈥) has many plugins here.

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We use Ace Editor which doesn鈥檛 support spell checking as of now. Although Typora can be used, open the Note with the 鈥淓dit in external Editor鈥. Typora has a great Spellcheck, but you can use every other Markdown Editor.


Yes, while that is an option LanguageTool already is compatible with Markdown languages for grammar correction, it just has to be created really. I think it can work with just about anything, and it'll correct what it has rules for.
Would this be a simple implementation? I'm savvy with computers but know nothing about the realm of coding and plugin creation.

I'm a student, and I am learning that I can essentially rely on Joplin for 60% of my workload. The other portion of the workload is handled by Okular which is a PDF annotator. I like how I'm able to click on my PDF and open it from Joplin which opens Okular for editing. Okular auto saves the edits to Joplin which is fantastic as well, I didn't know this was a feature until recently - it should be advertised more, this is EXCELLENT for students, SO good! For instance, I have my syllabus uploaded and when I click on the PDF I scroll down to my course outline and strikeout tasks for each week straight from the syllabus, amazing!

Making PDF annotation similar to Okular on Joplin should be natively implemented rather than having a 3rd party dependency. I hope someone literate in what in necessary to create these changes reads my post!

LanguageTool is an Open Source language/grammar checker for English, German, French, Polish and other languages. It can also easily be extended to even more languages. It's rule-based, i.e. it will find errors for which a rule is defined in XML or in Java.

I hope there's a future with LT and Joplin.


There is a spell checking in Joplin (Tools->Spell checker).
However, currently it is possible to choose only one language for the spell checking (either English or Italian, etc). I need spell checking in 3 (human) languages for the joplin notes (probably it seems strange but that is life :slight_smile: ).
Please could you suggest how it is possible to apply spell checking for 3 (or at least 2) languages in Joplin?

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For me, the spell checker isn't working it seems. Here is a screen shot that shows it is on, and has a clear typo that is not identified. None of my mistakes are in fact identified... I'm using Joplin 2.1.9 (prod, linux). What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


Hello @Harcel,

have you also enabled the spell checking under Tools > Options > General ?


That was it. Thanks a ton!

I'm a little late to the party.. LOL but nonetheless, thx for that tip. Been driving me crazy this past year trying to figure out what the heck was going on. Just now getting around to figuring out what was wrong. Now everything is good in the universe.