Actual status of the spellchecker implementation

Hi there,
as a note taking system has the one or the other relation to “writing” / “spelling” / “grammar” I am really surprised that a spell checking feature is not implemented. After some research I found that there is an old feature request and a lot of unclearness about the status. Recently there was a posting from @laurent asking who or if at all someone is working on it. Checking github I found some “let’s do it” but unfortunately no action, just a straw fire from one developer.

With this posting I’d like to ring a bell: @laurent is there a chance to get a spell checker in a not too far future? There are workarounds to open every note in an external editor and do the checking there, but who wants to do this?
Joplin is great and I like it but without spell checking I need to swap to cherrytree

So I hope on a positive response, no further straw fire and soon implementation. Unfortunately I am not a developer so I can’t really help but if there are further tasks (beside programming) I volunteer!

Thanks a lot!


I’ll let the devs chime in, but last I saw was that it was a limitation of the editor that was in use, and that a switch to CodeMirror would help make it possible. Not sure of the status though.

Thanks a lot, so there is hope :slight_smile:

Support for spell checking. Note that it is not yet implemented in the new editor but it at least can be done now.

Does anyone know if there is a plan of action items for the new editor? Or can features be voted ??
Or is there already a roadmap which has "spell-checking" on it?

There’s no firm timeline in place for adding a spell checker, but it is definitely on the radar!

As for a plan of action for the new editor, there isn’t any more planned features for it. However, once the Joplin plugin system is in place we will hopefully see some cool features!


Hello John,
is there any chance to narrow done the timeline? I like Joplin, it fits to my needs but I am desperately missing a spell checker.
Thanks a lot

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