Any suggestions on what plugins could be created?

Journaling done right plugin. See my previous FR on it. It would be nice if I can create daily notes that are dated automatically and put under dated folders.

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Legible markdown tables in the editor

Not sure but i'm assuming it's not possible with CSS

  • Adding space after every line,
  • Coloring every element under each column,

Would make reading the tables in the editor a lot easier. Something like this,

This way text length doesn't matter and one doesn't have to mess with the text by adding spaces for alignment. If there are more columns it can loop through same 5 or 3 colors. (same idea with some reddit apps use for comment section).

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This might be something the Rich Markdown plugin could do. I guess it would require classes to be added to the cells. Then you would use css to get the colours you want. @CalebJohn ?


That's a nice idea @zen-quo! I've added a request to the rich markdown plugin. If someone implements this as a plugin before I get to it, no worries! It seems really helpful.

Thanks for tagging me @whitewall .


Recurring todos would be sweet - 3 hours later: But wait, there is one! so never mind.

The idea was mentioned in another thread but not here: a langage tag for the spell checker, basically the same as @benji300's Persist Editor Layout Plugin, but with tags like lang:en-us, lang:none for notes containing mostly code or similar, a default language for untagged notes and and maybe disable the spellchecker altogether if there are several lang: tags applied on a note.

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Can there be a way to add indenting support in the visual editor?

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I think it would be cool to have a "trashcan" plugin. Like some place deleted notes can go before they're destroyed forever. Like so they don't show up in search unless you specify. Although perhaps that would be too tricky to implement.

Right now I'm using the quick move plugin to do something like it, so perhaps it would be redundant.

It's not possible to not show notes in a trash folder in the search result, unless this is coded in core. A plugin cannot change the default search query run by Joplin core.

I'm in a process of writing a trash plugin. The problem is not the code, but usability stuff. (I'm really bad with UX and UI.) I can think of 2 methods how to specify the trash notebook:

  • create a Trash (Plugin) folder the first time the plugin is used
  • allow people to select a folder to be the Trash folder by right-clicking on the folder and click on a context menu item Set as trash bin or Set as rubbish bin

Both options would allow to change the name later and/or move it into any other notebook.

I might just create a poll on the forum.

P.S.: Poll: Trash bin plugin

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Is there a reason why it is better to do this as a plugin rather than as part of the application? Its not the sort of thing I would intuitively search for as a plugin, its something I would assume as core to the application, particularly if I was coming from Evernote which is not exactly uncommon.

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If someone comes up with a good Trash Folder plugin we can always add it to the app by default. It's been discussed before, if something can be done as a plugin, it doesn't mean it can't be part of the core features.

A plugin is just nice modular way to add a feature - it's easier to create and easier to maintain too. If it turns out that feature is very useful, we can simply package it with the app and enable it by default.


The only problem is that I can't change the default search algorithm (select statement to AND NOT IN <trashbin_id>) in a plugin. This means notes in the trash will still show up in search results.

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Yes, it might be that we need to make some changes to get such plugin to work, or maybe it can't even be done reliably as a plugin. Mic's pull request to add a Trash feature last year was massive, and my own failed attempts had a ton of changes too, so I'm not entirely sure it can even be done as a plugin, but it's still worth giving it a try.

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I'd like a split note. I've imported a note from an outputed epub file so it is probably 50 pages or so. It would be cool to place my cursor somewhere and split the note into two notes at that point.

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Hi everybody! I’d suggest a plug-in that allows users to pass the content of an existing note to a shell script.
I mean, a shell script made by the user to whatever purpose.
The user case I have in mind is forwarding the content of a Joplin note to pandoc.
The script could be stored in a custom field in the plug-in preferences, or the plug-in could watch a folder where several scripts are stored and pick one of these.
Although running pandoc would be my primary task, a Mac user like me could also invoke apple scripts through the shell, greatly extending Joplin’s integration with the system.

This would be like a kind of meta-plug-in, allowing users to write simple shell scripts that precisely fit in their workflow.

I made a quick search on the forum and didn’t find any previous suggestion like this one, so I apologise if I am just repeating an old request.

Please, carry on the great work you’re doing!



The new Template plugin allows you to create notes with dates and structures as you like. You just can't place them in advance in the given notebook... but it will happen.


The plugin API allows writing files to disk using fs-extra, so you could use this to write a script file to a directory, then you'd have an external script that watches that folder. Whenever a script is dropped in it, it's executed. That's not as direct as what you mention but it would work.

Ok, thanks! I'll try to have a look as soon as I can.
However, I won't complain if someone would like to take the challenge! :slight_smile:


I'd like to be able to click a button on the toolbar which would give me note statistics. Just to save a click.

There is already a command palette option for this, so you wouldn't even need to take your hands off the keyboard. Type Ctrl Shift P and then start to type "statistics" (for me it comes up just at "stat"). Hit enter and then it pops up. But, yes, if your hand is already on the mouse then this won't help.

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