Nested Tags/ Nested Notebook Structure from Evernote?

That's great.. joplin is like a good wine.. it keeps getting better by time, especially with the new plugins.
As for the nested tags, I had the same problem as I moved some of my notes from Evernote a while ago. The only way I could deal with it was to adopt a long name convention using the slash. ex. tag1/subtag1/subsubtag1 , tag1/subtag2/subsubtag1 .. Joplin treats each as one tag, the slash as part of the tag name.


I really wish nested tags will be back :pray:

I just switched from single .odt documents to Joplin to have them all merged in a single app.

But nested tags will make organizing it much much better.


I second that!


It would be really usefull. Only by this function - i hesitate to migrate to joplin


Another Evernote Legacy migrant, Nested tags please.



Another +1 for nested tags. :pray:

I bet there are may Evernote powerusers stuck in there becuase of this. Nested Tags have been holding me up from migrating from Evernote (and legacy) for 5 years or so. You can't tag something /// practically in a note as i bet you all know well. And the trade is a disfunctional notebook system.

My current motivation - Mac OS 13.3 recently updated and broke pdf view of documents in Evernote Legacy.


I tag lots of things by year. With nested tags I could group them all under a header tag called Year and collapse them. Without nesting the only tags I can see without scrolling down are the years going all the way back to 2008. What a mess! Please roll out nested tags ASAP.

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