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Nested Tags/ Nested Notebook Structure from Evernote?


I am trying to move from Evernote to Joplin

Firstly, this looks great and promises to be the 'Holy Grail' :slight_smile: , thanks for all the effort you must be putting into it.

I had all my notes in Evernote organised in a structure of nested notebooks
However, on importing (in one ENEX file) to Joplin all these notebooks were lost - the ENEX file imported into one big notebook with all notes in it.

So I converted to a nested structure of tags in Evernote and imported (in one ENEX file) to Joplin (from this post).

However, now I have all the notes with the correct tags, but the tags have no nested structure and I don't seem to be able to nest them.

So, I have three questions:

  1. Are nested tags possible, if so, how do I do that, and if not can they become possible (feature request)?

  2. Should I have imported all the original nested Evernote notebooks in separate imports to give separate Joplin notebooks that I could then have nested?

  3. I think 1. would be my favourite, since I think that a note can have more than one tag but can not be in more than one notebook - is this correct?



It’s not possible at the moment and there’s no plan at the moment to implement it.

Yes, Evernote make (probably on purpose) hard to export data, so you can’t for example export all your notebooks and note in one ENEX file. You need to do it one notebook at a time, and then it will also create one folder per notebook on Joplin.

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It would be a really useful feature


A lot of thanks for the makers of this nice application. I hope many will leave Evernote and use and contribute to Joplin. For me also important is the possibility of nested tags: it helps to organize when you have a lot of tags (for example 2000)


I second that. Nested tags and the possibility to to assign them by drag&drop would be the final triggers for me to move from Evernote to Joplin.


I’m trying to move to Joplin from Evernote and REALLY miss nested tags as I have done deep structure of them (only several are first-level, e.g. .where -> countries -> cities or .who -> person’s name). Kudos for making them available in Joplin!


I’ve done some research and this could be an answer to request @laurent :

Unfortunately I don’t think that post is relevant. But you are in luck there is already a pr that adds nested tags. I can’t comment on when it will get merged though.


@CalebJohn that pr would be fantastic add-on for Joplin :star_struck:

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It got merged in 1.0.231 and reverted in 1.0.233, due to performance issues ( in the pre-release channel ). Hope the feature lands in the official release, since cognitively, its a vast improvement, especially when dealing with lots of tags. Also cognitively this is just miles ahead over the non-nested tags, which spills over in a much improved UX in my view


It’s still in progress! You can track the progress here


Ouch that pull request just got closed…

Sadly, I had to go back to Evernote since I need nested tags (nested notebooks just dont work for me)

I think its still under consideration tho?

Latest post said, 'It has been reverted due to performance issues. The original author will look into it when he has more time.'

Hopefully soon, it cant be easy to find time to do these things so I am being patient

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May be you should have a look at Obsidian before going back (sadly) to Evernote. It has nested tags and nested notebooks, both. But no Mobile app yet.

@osman thanks for headsup, but I am using re-exploring Joplin at the moment as it seems much better than when I moved back to Evernote a while ago now

I just imported 800 notes from evernote to Joplin (enex to HTML) which was fast and the conversion was pretty good

My new sync via files and Nextcloud was really much much much faster than when trying to use WebDav.

All seems great so far

Doesn't Nextcloud sync use WebDav? I ditched Nextcloud/WebDav for Dropbox sync.

Be sure to check out the various plugins - these extend Joplin's functionality quite a lot.

Yes NextCloud sync in the Joplin Sync settings use WebDav, but I think he mean the File system sync + Nextcloud client on the PC.

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That what I meant
I use File System sync from Joplin on Laptop then the Folder I select in Joplin is synced by the Nextcloud client
Seem much much faster than just using the Joplin WebDav sync to Nextcloud

On my Android mobile WebDav sync to Nextcloud seems fine.

Will look at plugins, but I like using the rich text editor so I think I have to be careful there?

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I could work around having no nested tags if only the tags in each notebook were listed below that notebook, rather than a separate list of all the tags. Then, for example, clicking on Tag 1 in Notebook 1 would only show the result of Tag 1 AND Notebook 1.

I dont know if this change to the interface would be much easier to implement than making nested tags?

Maybe this is just plain daft, but it's just an idea

Notebook 1

  • Tag 1
  • Tag 2
  • Tag 5
  • Tag 9

Notebook 2

  • Tag 1
  • Tag 3
  • Tag 5
  • Tag 11
  • Tag43
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