Joplin will not import Evernote sub notebooks, just all notes in one section

Within Evernote, I have each notebook nested within stacks. Joplin seems not to recognize that they are supposed to be sub notebooks. How can I fix this?

An Evernote "stack" is not really a sub-folder. It's just a way of logically grouping notebooks. I too ran into this issue and had to import everything and then go through and move stuff around manually. I finally gave up on that process as well, exported from Evernote as HTML and used that as a sort of archive that I could grab one note at a time when necessary. Started from scratch with Joplin and found I didn't really need much of the Evernote stuff after all. Glad to be rid of it.

Damn. This going to take a while. Though, I have an idea, I'll ads tags to the sub folders within evernote as I have sooooo many sub stacks and then different sections within that then I'll be able to easily add in Joplin. I'll show what I mean.

Brilliant idea! I wish I'd thought of that long ago when I was migrating to Joplin. Does Joplin import the tags though? If so it would make splitting things up into sub-notebooks a really simple task.

This is how many sub stacks I haz and then each notebook as separate notes within. I guess I will need to add tags such as in the R&D substack, I'll add R&D tag to all those notes in order to know where they belong. If there is another way you'd suggest, I'd appreciate it. What do you think of this idea.

I think it does. Here I gooooooo.

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