How To Merge Multiple Notebooks

Hi there, appreciate all your help first of all Laurent!

When exporting from Evernote, I had some issues with the ENEX files so exported them in multiple batches. When I imported to Joplin, I was faced with folders that don’t make sense. I tried researching both on Github and here how to merge them within the UI/UX but couldn’t see anything.

Is this possible? If not, do you have recommendations on how I can merge things on the backend?

Appreciate your continued help and great product!

we usally export notes ; folder by folder

Hi @foxmask, thanks for the quick reply! Can you help me understand what you mean by that or how it applies here? I only had one Evernote folder (but it wouldn’t export in just one file) so I had to break down those files into multiple.

I just need help combining Joplin folders or merging ENEX notes prior to re-importing. Any thoughts there?

Thanks for the help!

Hi @foxmask just wanted to followup with my question or see what additional information I can help provide to you! Let me know what you think!

@farverio, when you import ENEX files into Joplin, a new notebook is going to be created for each enex file. So if you don’t need multiple notebooks, you could simply select all the notes (in the Joplin desktop app) and put them all into the notebook of your choice.

Hi @laurent, thanks for the reply! Just was able to move them. Was a bit confused at first how to select all, but managed to figure out. Might be helpful to add shading when you are hovered over a folder when selecting notes to signify they are about to move, but this is likely a low priority.

Thanks again for the great product and look forward to continuing to help improve it :slight_smile:


if the Evernote Notebook is too large than Evernote is creating automaticaly seperate ENEX files.
So far so good.

What happens with the "Schlagwörter" if I move later on my notes to only 1 notebook in Joplin and I would delete the empty notebook? Are the "Schlagwörter" stored inside the notes? So I move them too?

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