Import from Evernote did not include tags


I’m trying to move from Evernote to Joplin. I exported all the notes in each of my Evernote notebooks to an individual .enex file. I imported 1 into Joplin and it seemed to work remarkably well. The notes look great.

However, none of the tags made it into Joplin. Is this a bug in the current version or is there something I can do different to get it to work? I didn’t see any issues on Github mentioning this problem.

  • Evernote: Version 7.11 (457846 Direct)
  • Joplin: 1.0.160
  • Both desktops clients on macOS 10.14.4 (18E226)

Can you provide an example ENEX file that shows the problem? Tags normally should be imported too.

I was about to share a file when I decided to take a look inside one. Sure enough, no tags. I didn’t recall seeing any export options in Evernote, but after checking again I found there was a checkbox at the bottom of save modal window for exporting. Why would that one piece of metadata have to be turned on in the export, who knows? Anyway, I re-exported all my notebooks and the tags have made it through the import this time. Thanks.

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