Mindmap view

I think it’d be great to have a way to visualise a markdown document as a mindmap.

https://github.com/dundalek/markmap already exists and is javascript, so could be straightforward to integrate.

Interested if anyone else would enjoy this feature or if it should be added to folks’ external editors instead.


There’s a very interesting “younger generation” of markmap, which says it’s based on that repo, but seems more advanced, is being updated now, and includes (apart from math equations) a gatsby plugin.

Looks like it would be much easier to integrate into Joplin, plus it’s up-to-date.


Agree joplin + markmap would integrate well ! I found this but do not know if it is still being developed.

For years I tried various mindmap programs and always quit. To work well, they've got to be very good. I've found one now that allows me to type as fast as I can ideas and then just move them around easily. cut connections, reconnect. It has to be fast. It has to be much better than a simple outline. This is hard to do and I don't think it can be done with md, css, and electron. Real useful mindmapping deserves its own program.

Joplin can always import a PNG of a mindmap, or turn an html outline into a joplin document. But I don't think it can be a really good mindmap program.

I agree that the mind map needs a separate program, but this does not mean that it cannot be integrated into joplin. The following is how I use the mind map in vscode. Since it is an svg file, it can be previewed in markdown at the same time.


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I think that something like markmap with joplin will already go a long way but I agree that it will not be a complete mindmap solution. Some things are already possible with mermaid but I think markmap would be simpler and faster to type.

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I'm very intresting by the mind-map support in joplin.

It would be intrestring to support the markdown mind-map syntaxe for a direct integration into the notes, dont you think ?

Is there something existing i'm missing ?


A solution like this (logseq) will be good for ex...