Kityminder Mindmap Joplin Plugin

Kityminder Mindmap Joplin Plugin

Hello all,

Kityminder Mindmap Joplin Plugin is a mindmap plug-in built on Baidu Brain Map opensource project Kity Minder.

Forked from xeden3's joplin-plugin-kity-minder project and made several modifications.



  • Supports export JSON, MD, and PNG, and import JSON and MD.

  • i18n now inlcude English, 中文, 日本語, Español, Français and Deutsch.

  • Supports switching between different languages.

  • Removed the native Kity Minder Baidu image search function, and internationalized all the text.

  • Adjusted part of the UI to make it more in line with operating habits.


  • Uploading local images is in developing.

  • Export to SVG

  • Others


Thanks to the following teams and individuals for their excellent work:

Github Link:


v0.8.2 supports loading local images into mindmap.


Great plugin, I really, really love it! The integration in Joplin is really good. I am using MindManager, but now I can drop that and use this plugin.

But ... how to switch languages? I see the menu's and title bars in an Asian language, instead of English. I posted it also under 'issues' at Github.

v0.8.3 already resolved this bug, you can try it,
And English is default language, you can also change it at menu tools->options->plugins->kitymind mindmap. Thanks and tell me if you find any issues.

Can we add a flowchart?

I installed it for the first time yesterday, I have version 1.0.16

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 10.02.49

I switched language from English to German and then back to English, but that did not work.

BTW, in German, the toolbar disappears:


Optimized the image loading performance and adjusted the image upload UI.
Optimized the UI panels to adapting i18n better.
i18n now include 繁體中文.

:rofl:you've entered the wrong door :rofl:

download the latest v0.8.4 from here:

your problem will dispear.


Ok, got it and installed it. Thanks!

For Mac users, the 'Install from file' option is found via: Joplin -> Settings... -> Plugins and then click the gear icon labeled 'Manage your plugins'.

v0.8.5.1 update

  • Now Supports import Xmind with the images, links, notes, markers, lables, priority, progress.
  • Kmind-core update to 1.4.50 performance optimized
  • Kmind-core add xmind, freemind, mindmanager data importing core module codes
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v0.8.6 update

  • Supports import Xmind and MindManager with their images, links, notes, markers, lables, priority, progress.

I encountered some problems when upgrading from version 0.8.4 to version 0.8.6, please help me

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Looks great!

2 questions: how/where is the data saved? I can't see it in the source view, just a picture; but editing works. I like that, but where is the data going?

Would it be possible to add one more element - an arbitrary arrow? E.g. with dotted lines? I need to indicate relationships that are not a part of the tree structure itself.

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