Mindmap plugin (import from freemind)

I am sorry that I cannot search for the topic before posting, this site has always worked fine on my desktop, but for a while the search button is gone (without me blocking any scripts etc) and I have no idea why. So anyway ...

I cannot see any basic mindmap editor for Joplin (of the style of the "free" Freemind, the archetype mindmapping app for desktops, or possibly Freeplane, it's successor). Not that I would like to edit large mindmaps within Joplin, but a "simple" import of limited, short (text only) mindmaps would be really great.

Does anybody know of a existing plugin which could be tweaked to this feature (which I can't tell from the list of Joplin plugins) ? And if not, would anybody be interested in this idea, may be help me develop the plugin ?

I don't have the time to get into plugin development myself, nor the maintenance of such a thing, but I would certainly do my share to make it happen.

If it helps, it seems that mindmaps are possible with Mermaid 9.2.0 and above. Joplin 2.9.17 uses Mermaid 9.1.7. However you will see from the link that Mermaid 9.2.2 is currently being added to Joplin pre-releases v2.10.2 and above, but is currently not fully working. I do not use mindmaps so I do not know whether this is compatible with how Freemind works.

In addition to the Mermaid upgrade mentioned by dpoulton, there's a PlantUML plugin with mindmap support.

And perhaps closer to Freemind / Freeplane, is the KityMinder plugin.

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Thanks shikuz, your response helps, as I did find the Kityminder plugin from within Joplin, but the PlantUML plug-in I missed.
Any practical use-case (to show simple mindmaps in Joplin) does however heavily depend on the ability to create mindmaps in an outside editor and have them imported through the plug-in. In contrast both of the suggested solutions do seem to depend on manual text input, and a new version of Mermaid be limited in that way.
Thanks again !

Just downloaded and played with plantUML, it is really easy to use. So in lack of a better solution, I am now using the following "solution" .... just in case anybody is interested:

  • from Freemind I export the mindmap as html,
  • I open the html file with a simple text editor (not an html editor), e.g. on Mac Textedit
  • then manually copy/ paste the text (without formatting) into Joplin,
  • and add the needed syntax to each line of text

This ain't ideal, but it works just fine for a few mindmap bubbles. It also shows how little (coding) would be needed to import Freemind mindmaps into Joplin.


Well, there is a snag, at least for the ultra-security minded user.
The plantUML plug-in requires access to the plantUML website "every time" you create or update a graph (or mindmap). Otherwise it creates an error, or just an empty canvass. While you have to carefully review or scan every plugin for malware, this design adds the concern that if this website does ever get infected it could ... in principle ... inject unwanted code into your Joplin database (yes, I know ... this ain't like, many hurdles, no etc.). But for me that doesn't work.
Just in case anybody was interested in the subject.

This is a valid point.

Workaround: As far as I remember, the plugin let's you choose any PlantUML server URL, including a local one. I haven't tried this, but it doesn't look too hard to run one.

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Checked what kind of control Mermaid offers over its mindmaps. I still think a simple import from an offline, graphic mindmap editor (such as freemind) would let one create mindmaps faster.
The main problem with the (experimental) mermaid implementation is that positions and colors are all set automatic, which leads to big, fancy mindmaps - not very usefull for any serious task.

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Try Kity Minder :slight_smile:

I consider adding the function of importing and exporting mind maps to the functions of the new version, and saving them in simple markdown or json format