Feature Request: Clickable Nodes in Markmap for Direct Note Access

Hello Joplin Community,

I've been using the Markmap plugin, which brilliantly turns headings into a structured mind map based on their hierarchy. It’s truly a fantastic feature and enhances the utility of notes by visualizing their structure.

However, I have an idea for a potential enhancement that I believe could further boost our productivity. Would it be possible to add functionality where nodes in the mind map can be clickable links that directly open the associated notes? This feature would eliminate the need to navigate back to the original note to find and click the corresponding internal Markdown links.

Here's how I envision it could work: similar to how Markmap generates a mind map from headings (formatted as internal links to notes), while in rich text viewing mode, one could open the mind map which would stay active until manually closed. Clicking on a node would then directly open the linked note.

I believe this addition could significantly streamline how we interact with our notes, making the navigation process much more efficient. I’d really appreciate any thoughts on this suggestion or any guidance on how we might be able to implement this feature.

Thank you for considering my proposal and for your continuous efforts to improve this incredible tool.

Best regards,