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Seasoned Full Stack Web App Engineer & Architect; Lean Agile Project & Team Mentor.

FullStack (Process Engineering = Lean UX && Agile && Kanban && UML, Devops = true) => { (React && Next || Vue && Vuex && Nuxt.js && Vuetify) && Node && (Express || Hapi) && (MySql || Postgres || MongoDB || CouchDB) }

Drupal (legacy) => { FullStack() }

Founder/Worker at AWebfactory, I work (and am beginning to use Joplin full blast every day!) in Agile and Lean based UX/Process, Full-Stack Javascript architecture (decoupled backends (these days Node.js + Express + MongoDB or other database solution, including SQL solutions), being consumed by multiple frontend clients (responsive web apps based on React/Redux/Next, Vue/Nuxt/Vuetify and/or Material Design frameworks, Bootstrap, etc.) as well as Drupal/WordPress (and other monolith) migrations to that full stack architecture.