Merge Note List and Notebooks list

Hi all.
As requested before on the forum and even on the git itself:
Trying my luck again:

Is it possible to merge the 2 side lists in to 1 list?
I'd like a tree of the notebooks with notes inside like on similar apps


Interesting idea. Seems like it would be quite unwieldy where there are more than a handful of notes in each notebook and require lots of expanding/collapsing of tree nodes and/or scrolling of the sidebar. Would make accessing tags more cumbersome.

Definitely not "Evernotey" in that it places such an emphasis on hierarchical organization. Coming from Evernote, I prefer the more flat structure bias of the sidebar + note list view employed by both Evernote and Joplin.

If it's a matter of screen real estate, F10 and F11 will toggle view of sidebar and note list, respectively.

of course it won't fit every user and their notes.
It will be great as an option (toggle on\off)

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I was just about to request this as well. I agree it might not be for every one. But to me it seems very intuitive. Just like the Windows explorer has folders and files listed together as an option.

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