Feature idea: Hide note list

Hi, I read in the community guidelines that feature requests / ideas should start here so here I am! First I’d like to point out that ever since I found out about Joplin I’ve been using the hell out of it replacing both Evernote and Onenote which is a huge feat IMO. Keep up the amazing work, I LOVE it!

Here’s the feature request:

Since we have the goto anything feature, we don’t really need the note list to be shown at all time anymore. So I wish I could hide the note list and only use goto anything to jump from note to note. So basically it’s the same as toggle sidebar but I’d like to have a toggle note list feature leaving only the note content to be shown making it easier to cram the window in smaller spaces and enhance focus since we don’t have the note list in the way anymore.

TL;DR: basically I’d like to use Joplin like I use VSCode, being able to press a button to toggle the note list.

Anyone else would like this feature?

Thanks a lot and have a nice day everyone!