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Show notes on notebook tree

Didn’t seem to find this exact simple feature (not on the app and not on other feature suggestions):
Just an option to show notes on the notebook sidebar instead of showing notes on the note list bar.
More or less like KeepNote or CherryTree.
Is this something I’ve missed out on?

In the Notebook sidebar, click “All notes.” Then just toggle off the sidebar leaving the note list visible.

This way I’m losing the tree view.
a simple list of all notes is no good.
I still need them ordered and organized in notebooks\sub-notebooks.

I want to see notes that are in a specific notebook on the sidebar itself in it’s exact location, something like in this picture:


To think about it - a workaround for this would be just the possibility to write text data straight to a notebook without the need to create notes within a notebook. narrowing the differences between a notebook and a note and working with notes and sub-notes.

Am I making any sense? I really love Joplin and the great integration to all platforms (Using it on Win, Linux and Android)
Basically, this feature is really the only thing that is missing for the perfect note taking app ever made.


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I also would like the same feature, as @athalex, this is the only thing missing for me in Jopplin.
Should we open a Git issue ?

Well, without further instruction, I'm gonna open an issue for feature request.

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Oh, I was sure I replied.
Sure @sebastienPoussard , Go ahead and open a git request. would love a link here aswell.

BTW it's @athalef