Show notes on notebook tree

Didn’t seem to find this exact simple feature (not on the app and not on other feature suggestions):
Just an option to show notes on the notebook sidebar instead of showing notes on the note list bar.
More or less like KeepNote or CherryTree.
Is this something I’ve missed out on?

In the Notebook sidebar, click “All notes.” Then just toggle off the sidebar leaving the note list visible.

This way I’m losing the tree view.
a simple list of all notes is no good.
I still need them ordered and organized in notebooks\sub-notebooks.

I want to see notes that are in a specific notebook on the sidebar itself in it’s exact location, something like in this picture:


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To think about it - a workaround for this would be just the possibility to write text data straight to a notebook without the need to create notes within a notebook. narrowing the differences between a notebook and a note and working with notes and sub-notes.

Am I making any sense? I really love Joplin and the great integration to all platforms (Using it on Win, Linux and Android)
Basically, this feature is really the only thing that is missing for the perfect note taking app ever made.


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I also would like the same feature, as @athalex, this is the only thing missing for me in Jopplin.
Should we open a Git issue ?

Well, without further instruction, I'm gonna open an issue for feature request.

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Oh, I was sure I replied.
Sure @sebastienPoussard , Go ahead and open a git request. would love a link here aswell.

BTW it's @athalef

Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I'm new to Joplin and this is a big issue for me. So far I love what Joplin can do, I just hate the notebook / notes layout. This is one-too-many panes and it breaks up the logical act of browsing for a note. If I'm browsing the notebook tree, the contents of each notebook is critical! I shouldn't have to click inside each one to view the list of notes in it - this is not intuitive! Showing the contents in another pane drags my focus away from the tree and also force-updates the editor/preview panes to one of the notes in the notebook, or blank, if there are none. It's not good UX, in my opinion.

@sebastienPoussard @athalef did this ever get resolved? Was an github issue ever created (I can't find one, and none was ever linked here)

Edit: This is a duplicate request: Notes in tree structure
Edit 2: So it appears that the policy on feature requests is, post on Discourse! Perhaps that's why there's no github issue.

I've also wondered about this. I've gotten used to the way it is, but I'd love to have it all in one pane.

After using Joplin for a few more weeks, I've realize that this issue isn't simply "how to show stuff in the app". It goes deeper into "how do I structure the information logically across notebooks, notes, headings, subheadings". If you don't make the right decision at the start, you'll find yourself spending time restructuring your notes, or spending too much time trying to find information.

Your notebook / sub-notebook structure is of fundamental importance to how you can use your notes. For example, if you want to use the Quick Links plugin, then you must remember that it cannot link to headings within notebooks. If this is important for you, then you pretty much have to put your entire document structure into the notebook tree and keep your notes within each hierarchy ultra simple. But that has trade-offs too. If you have several unrelated notebooks, Quick Links will be searching across all of them.

I'm in a situation where, after months, I still don't feel comfortable with Joplin. I constantly get yanked out of the subject I'm studying because I 'mentally stub my toe' on the structure of my notes. For example
1 . I want to refer to information in another note, but the list of notes in the notebook is long, and doesn't seem to be ordered, so I scroll up and down trying to find it.
2. I have to navigate into another note to get the heading anchor so that I can go back and create a link
3. TOC!!! Why is there no out-of-the-box support for TOCs within notes, or across notes in a sub-notebook structure?

If you don't get your notebook structure "just right" you will find yourself slowed down when taking notes or finding existing notes. Countless times I've just stopped studying and started looking online for Joplin plugins to make note-taking and revision easier. When that fails, I start restructuring my notes into more sub-notebooks (or sometimes, the reverse). In other words, I'm not taking notes or revising any more. I'm bike shedding. (Case in point: right now I'm supposed to be taking notes but I'm on the Joplin forum again looking for pointers)

If I could easily add multiple 'major' notebooks that each sync to a different back-end, or even to a different directory within Dropbox, then I could at least "partition my searches" across different major subjects and make better use of the notebook hierarchy.

I'm struggling here. Has anybody ever recorded a YouTube video that shows how they structure a large subject and handle the various things I'm describing?

If I can't work out a comfortable note-taking / revision pattern in the next day I think I'm gonna give up on Joplin (again, permanently) and go back to managing a directory structure full of .md files, and just use Syncthing to keep them in sync across my devices

How would you be any better off with that than with Joplin?

I think there is a plugin now to let you get links to headings. Not sure if that would help.

Have you tried adding [[toc]] to your notes? Or is this implementation an issue?

Yes, I have added [[toc]] to my notes after seeing people talk about that feature but that shows up as a literal "[[toc]]" in the rendered view. I assume this is a built-in? My workaround for now was to add the "Outline" plugin, which adds a TOC sidebar.

When you're dealing with a directory full of .md files you just get on with it, and make do with the limitations, and rely on grep, find, fzf or whatever. But when you've got the added features (and complexity) of an app that's supposed to make organizing notes easier, you keep wondering "Am I doing it right?", "Is there a plugin that makes this less painful?" "Why doesn't [[toc]] work for me?" "Why can't I...?". In other words, I'd stop wasting tons of time trying to make a round block fit into a square hole, and take back my time.

It should indeed be built in, I just put it into the dev build with nothing extra added (other than my own meddling) and it shows up just fine:

Well this is what I see (Joplin 2.5.8, Linux):

Oh it could be defaulted to off, check config > markdown > enable table of contents extension

Bingo. Thanks!

I feel your pain. But this issue would happen with any software, eh?

One option would be to subscribe to the plugin category rss feed and then you would find out about any new plugins published. Until then just know that you've already exhausted your current options.