Anybody here use Joplin for "Getting Things Done"?

What success have you had? What workflows did you use?

What doesn't translate well?

Thanks for your help.

Not something I know much about but you might like to have a look at this topic - Workflow Assistance/Help (GTD)


I appreciate that, thank you.

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You may have seen that there are several posts on the todo feature and it's limitations.

I'm looking forward to see what comes in this discussion. Thanks.

I have, can you point me to the most relevant ones?

Hi @kierkegaardian

As I said several times it is possible, a bit complex and not very ergonomic. There are surely some infrastructure evolutions to consider for the management of some todo to become a real task management. This is not the priority of the development team at this stage.

It all depends on the level of complexity you have to manage (number of projects, connection between them, collaboration, etc).

I add that if you already use a GTD software (e.g. everdo) that suits you or a custom task software for GTD (todoist or other), you can now use the "external links". You copy the link to a note in the description inside your GTD application and it allows you to "jump" to Joplin with the right note selected when you need it.

Thanks, I'll read those.

My job has some fairly complex projects and we have internally developed software to manage that, but my hope is to use my existing solution for random todos and academic notes, book summaries, and birthday reminders to help me keep it all straight from a time mgmt perspective and to tighten up my personal project management as well. Essentially, my workload has finally gotten me to a saturated point and I know I could increase efficiency by leaps and bounds if I offload the "keeping it all straight." If Joplin cannot do it, that's fine obviously, other things exist, but if there's a system of hacky workarounds to keep all my data in one place, I'd totally do that.

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I am also a software developer. I have been using Joplin for almost 2 years, mostly on a daily basis. Here's how I manage my work flow. Create 2 folders, "Tasks" and "Time". Under Time, I have sub folders by year, month, then week. The week belongs to the month that Monday belongs to (European weeks). Now as your tasks materialize, their default location should be today's date. Edit the tasks under today's date folder. Your goal is to get rid of the tasks in that folder: either complete them, edit them and throw them to a future date, or create another subfolder whose name is the project. A project folder holds a collection of tasks relevant to that project. Every day, or week, or however it fits you, move project folders from under Tasks into the date where you plan to work on those folders.

I know this doesn't sound like GTD, but that's where I started, along with other paradigms such as Eisenhower, flowcharting, and AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process), and others. I've consumed a lot of them and my process workflow still changes from time to time, and has evolved into it's stable and reliable current state. HTH


may that helps you as well: joplin/plugin-kanban (