Complete Joplin with a task management application

I'm using Joplin for task management - I have main tasks, which are to-do notes, then within this I have multiple checkboxes and other sections with notes that related to the main task. Once it's done I mark the task as complete. I don't need much more than this actually, but I'm curious what would make it more usable for task management for you?

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If you are looking for a strong open source app, then Kanboard is tops.

On Joplin, there are several interesting ways it can be a task management powerhouse, especially since so many good quality plugins have been presented relatively recently:

  • With the basic Kanban plugin, any notebook can be a simple Kanban board, and you can have multiple boards on a one per notebook + children basis. Then with the filtering system I think it could handle a sizeable number of cards (use a template to create Card notes/todo items). Then with the note overview plugin, Joplin is doted with a lot of Notion database functionality which could be used to create on the fly automatically generated tables of cards from different Kanban boards; plus with the Markdown Table: sorted plugin you can sort table columns interactively.

So this is just touching the surface. With more and more people getting involved with the fairly recent plugin community, I think it would simply take creating a topic and developing the requirements, then developing some additional plugins or improving existsing ones.

In my case, I am deeply intrigued, given my interest these days with getting very serious about independent publishing of my fiction and non-fiction, as to whether the functionality of, say, Scrivener, cannot be equalled and/or improved. Just to give one example, the Life Calendar and other similar plugins, plus some of those I have just mentioned, could easily provide functionality for character profiles, and for scene summaries and synopses, plus scene lists that can be re-ordered, searched, filtered, etc. etc.

Static site generation, already implemented for at least Github pages, is another example.

I think it's a question of people who need similar functionality and have similar requirements put their heads together in order to develop functionality vision documents that plugin developers can contribute towards implementing.


This is similar to the style that I like, I actually wrote a "plugin" using the Joplin API a few years ago (before the actual plugin system) that does essentially this. I recently translated it into a real plugin and I've been testing it on my machine before making it publicly accessible. So stay tuned, it should be available soon.


Fascinating. Thanks. I was not aware of the existence of Sleek! Thanks! I'm always happy to discover new free open source projects


What are you using to synchronize your todo.txt file between Sleek and Simpletask?

Hi @laurent

This is an interesting use. On my side, I have a lot of tasks (some of them very short) and I need to be able to schedule them, sort them, filter them. I use the GTD method. I think that a list of checkboxes is difficult to filter quickly too (except maybe with the upcoming plugin from @JackGruber) and it doesn't allow to manage tags by tasks. I use for example a lot of tags for efforts (5m, 10m, 15m, 30m, 1h). The sorting of the tasks can be done with the overview plugin but it produces a static table. It's convenient for phone consultation but you can't check the tasks directly (you jump to another page each time). With the search plugin you can have a checklist to check directly in the desktop application but it doesn't work on mobile. I think that's why projects like the metis plugin inspired by todo.txt are born

This is also the reason why I was advocating for the addition of planning and a separation of the reminder function and the "deadline" function.

To filter the tasks, you can save some searches with the favorites plugin but it's not very fluid. Then there is also the issue of capturing tasks with as little friction as possible ... but we will soon have a solution fast enough (direct to inbox) with the plugin note link system (thanks to @ylc395) .

Dropbox currently but I'm going to set up Syncthing in the future.

@bepolymathe I work on a update which shoould allow to display all checkboxes fron the notes with link to the note in a overview. But mark ckeckboxes as done in the overview would not be a part of thr plugin.


I'll be happy to try this out. :wink:

Hi @CalebJohn This is great news. I'm definitely interested in trying out your plugin. I've got a few other "it'd be lovely if" (like adding tags inline (basically the project), backlink to the note, date) requirements that I'll happily share with you if you're interested.

And to give some explanation of why my task management use case is like I described: I'm a UX designer, and a lot of my time is spent doing user research where I interview people (and take notes of what they say), running software design evaluations with people (where I take notes of what they do), and analysing data.

When taking notes while interviewing people and doing software design evaluations, it is very difficult, practically uncomfortable, to take notes, then switch to a task list, write a task, then switch back to note taking.

My usual way to do this is to take paper notes, write my tasks in those notes, then transcribe notes and tasks in to Joplin.

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Hi @JackGruber

That sounds great to me. I would find it even better to be able to "jump" from an overview to the block (paragraph, so # markdown headline) as the note link system plugin allows :thinking:

I use it on Nextcloud. Sleek accesses the local sync, Simpletask has support for Webdav which acceses my Nextcloud

I have a long lineage with task management going back.. well, I won't say, but I will admit my first attempt at personal task management was in Microsoft Project 3.0.

I switched to a now-defunct-but-you-can-still-find-it-somewhere-and-run-it-on-Windows application that was very simple, but awesome called Life Balance. When that died, I switched over to MyLifeOrganized-- it's a heavily over-featured, under-visioned task management application with nearly every conceivable bell and whistle you could need.

For me, there isn't as much an intersection between Joplin (or a knowledge body) and the discrete pieces of work that need doing. Obviously a knowledge body would be a resource in working with tasks.

The possible value I could see would be in exporting an XML that could be ingested into Joplin, though I'm certain that the dev of MLO wouldn't do anything to support going the other direction.

Anyway, I thought I'd mention the app for people who are well beyond simple To Do lists, especially people who used GTD (MLO was originally developed to support GTD, and became more flexible later).

The problem for me is that's windows only

There's an iOS version-- I feel like the desktop (sadly) is being deprecated more and more.

Yes but i'am thinking about linux :wink:

well, I develop a Chrome extension called MemoInjo to help to use Joplin for task management.

It is not a regular task list program. It is software to attach a memo to any website and stores in Joplin. I have a lot of tasks coming from email or project management site.(e.g github, zube). Sometimes when I wake up, it may have 20+ tasks in the inbox already. I need to reply, estimate and ask for more information etc..

If I could reply immediately, just reply to it. Otherwise, I will use MemoInjo to write down the action items of the task/url. And put to Joplin "Inbox" or "WIP" (working in progress). (I have other notebooks like WaitForReply, Done, etc).

My philosophy to manage tasks in Joplin is more or less to use it as a kanban. Each notebook (inbox, wip, done , ...) is a list of tasks for a specific state.


I thought I replied to this...

I'm thinking about wine. And Wine!

I run it in Linux using Wine and, as far as I can tell, it functions identically. I do remember the wine prefix needed some extra parts installed (IE6 or something?!), but that was it.

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I'm using to do (left over since wunderlist) and I'm migrating slowly to google tasks. I like how I can link a task to a specific email.

I've not used tasks for Joplin because I've had issues.

  1. no recurring reminders
  2. There's no alert on my android. at all.
  3. macos desktop alarm is automatically dismissed, making it easy to miss
  4. android alart doesn't show me what alarm details I've set

:point_up: showing no alarm details despite having been set

Basically all of this makes me not confident that I wouldn't miss important tasks.

Example: If I'm on my phone for a walk, my android doesn't show it and my desktop macos shows the task and then hides it after; it's lost.

If it was a recurring task, I'd have to set it again manually, but with it being lost... it's really lost.

I hope this helps.

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I'm using a new note for each week with a Context Based Next Action List for GTD. Within that note, I have my headings for the contexts (for some people, this might be projects), with checkbox items below them.

To make this really useful for me, I'd like two things:

  1. A toggle to hide checked items from view - and I say a toggle so it is easy to turn it "off" to be able to unselect a checkbox (or keep showing checked items, if one prefers to do that).
  2. A summary of unchecked items and total checkboxes for the contents of that note. Like in Github.

I'm not wanting to create each item as a separate "to do" note type. I intersperse some headings and notes and formatting in my lists as they get worked on during the week. It's faster to see all the text at the same time, and to move text around within the same note rather than in different notes. I like being able to move each week's note to a Completed folder at the end of the week and have a fresh start for a new week.

Right now I'm managing this by using the Folding in Code Mirror Editor plugin and adding "start" and "end" (necessary so as not to collapse more than needed) headings which can be collapsed. It's not ideal though.

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