To Do - Due Dates?

Is it possible to set due dates for the to do items? And then from there is there any "view" where I can see all to do items sorted by when they are due?



Valid question, the answer is unfortunately "no" and "no".
... at least for now.

You can set a date/time alarm for ToDos.

I don't think so. Under View menu, you can have uncompleted ToDos show on top of note list. You can view all your ToDo notes using search type:todo.

Sorting by uncompleted ToDos by due date would be useful. Perhaps that's something @JackGruber's Note Overview plugin can do. If so, then you could drop that overview note into the Favorites (plugin) panel for one-click access to uncompleted Todos sorted by due date.

This will list all open ToDos sorted by due date

<!-- note-overview-plugin
search: type:todo iscompleted:0
fields: todo_due, title, tags, notebook
sort: todo_due ASC

Thanks Jack!

@joel-madero, there you go, problem solved.

Cool! I'll check it out today.

FWIW I think Joplin could check out Asana for some inspiration for how to make the to dos more informative and efficient.

I'll report back after I play around with it a bit more. Using it for work and have hundreds of to dos.

Ok so I'm having a couple issues already:
(1) I'm not seeing the plugin in "plugins" section of options (even though it's registered according to the plugin page)

(2) I downloaded the jpl file and put the file in ~/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins (note I had to create the plugins directory, it wasn't there when I looked). I put the jpl file in there, restarted joplin but I'm still not seeing it listed in "Plugins" in Options and when I put the test code in that was provided, it shows nothing so I'm assuming the plugin isn't installed.


And - nevermind - apparently running a 1 year old version of the software is to blame :wink:

I'm tempted to revive the discussion of a PPA . . .

Thanks! This looks like a good start. Still hopeful eventually it's incorporated into the main product in a "to do" type menu that can be sorted and altered in various ways. Would be great to have a one stop shop for to do's across various notes where you can modify the to do's, mark them as complete, sort them, add new to do's (and through this select the note you want to attach them to).

Anyways - thanks so much for the quick assist.

Ah, forgot to ask which version you're on. Now that you're updated, in Tools > Plugins, in the search bar, if you hit the space bar, you'll see all the plugins. Might find other useful plugins.

As mentioned earlier, if you use the Favorites plugin, you can put your uncompleted todos note (the one you created from this thread) into the Favorites panel.

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