Feature Request: To-do checks linking with calendar

(Okay, I’ve read the previous posts on the relevant topics and I’m pretty sure my question is unrelated to them.)

What I’m requesting is let’s say I’ve created a 100 to-do notes. Some of them I want to add a due date.

For example I would like to pay the electricity bill by 15th April. Say today is 9th April and there’s a to-do that I’ve created in joplin notebook with due date set to 15th April. So when I want to check today’s tasks, it should be able to display the to-do note I created. Likewise if I click tomorrow’s date on the calendar, it should show the tasks due till that day or on that day.

I hope it’s very useful not only for me but at least for a lot many people. They open joplin, it should by default show today’s date and tasks to do today. I know that Google Calendar or for that matter any Calendar can do this, but there’s duplication of adding tasks in both Joplin and Calender. Google Calendar can’t deal with notes like Joplin and of course it is not related to Calender. But Joplin’s to-do, I hope will be more advantageous with this feature.

May be my idea is not complete, but a direction towards this, I hope, will be a great addition.


I would love to see this, too. Maybe Astrid To-do app (Android, open source) could help us further?

Great idea! I would like to see and use this also with the addition of filtering tasks displayed by tags. With the tag “Bills” I can see obviously just my bills due. The entered date would need to be identified as “Once” or “Recurring.”


While where is no plugin, use search
due:day+0 -due:day+7 or due:week+0

It is example for "week" filtering. You can figure out another search queries.

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