Joplin-vscode-plugin roadmap

Later versions will be released here, the specific introduction of the plug-in reference:


[Paste the picture and upload it to joplin automatically and get the link to insert] Achieved


  • Support the use of shortcut keys ctrl+alt+u/ctrl+alt+e
  • Support uploading clipboard pictures and automatically paste them into the editor
  • Support selecting pictures in the file manager and automatically paste them into the editor

If anyone understands vscode, can you help solve the second problem?
I raised it on Stack Overflow, but did not respond:


  • Joplin resource link markdown preview
  • Image upload
  • Todo list show specify icon


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I am implementing label-related functions, probably the effect is as follows

The target function is as follows

  1. Show tags in markdown preview
  2. Click tag to delete from this note
  3. Click the tag icon to pop up a drop-down box, select a new tag to add to the current note

I have encountered some problems, mainly because it is not clear how markdown previewScripts communicates with the main process. If anyone knows, please feel free to enlighten me.
Of course, if someone has a better ui/ux solution, you can modify resources\css\tag-preview.css to see the effect. If you want to adjust on the fly, you can run yarn server

v0.1.10 publish

  • Support clicking joplin-related links in the editor, including
    • Attached resource files, use the system default program to open
    • Quote notes, use vscode to open in a new tab
  • Fixed the problem that Joplin attachment resources could not be opened in markdown preview
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:warning: Warning: Joplin v1.4 currently has some problems and cannot be used in production. If it is not for early adopters, please do not upgrade.

joplin vscode plugin v0.2.0 publish, Synchronize the api changes of joplin v1.4.*

Note: At present, only attachments can be viewed but not modified. This is a bug introduced by joplin v1.4.*, ref: Pre-release 1.4 is now available for testing (Updated 23/11/20) - #64 by laurent

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:warning: Warning: Joplin v1.4 currently has some problems and cannot be used in production. If it is not for early adopters, please do not upgrade.

v0.2.1 publish

  • Joplin loads the last 20 notes edited by default when searching
  • Bind shortcut keys for joplin search ctrl+j ctrl+o
  • Modify some prompt messages to English (subsequent to internationalization)

The idea comes from: Improvement idea: pre-fill "goto anything" list with recently updated notes - #10 by shawnaxsom

The plugin has been released in the vscode plugin store and will be automatically updated. This is an incompatible update and does not support Joplin 1.4 or lower

Since 0.2.1, I have updated two versions, the update instructions are as follows

Note: I am still using joplin v1.4.19, maybe I will not chase new versions frequently until there is no bigger change in Joplin recently


  • Implement the right-click menu to create attachment file resources
  • Realize the label management function of notes
  • Implement the command to create tags
  • Add two scripts [Remove unquoted tags] and [Retrieve orphan notes]


  • Fix the error that globalContext is not initialized when uploading a cut version of the picture
  • Realize configuration items that are not reminded when deleting

v0.3.1 publised

  • Provide keybinding for View: Show Joplin at Ctrl+J Ctrl+J. Add a sensible replacement binding for clobbered command workbench.action.togglePanel at Ctrl+K Ctrl+J.
  • Update quick-start by fleshing out with more detail. Of particular importance is describing where to find the Authorization token in Joplin Desktop and explaining away the clobbering of Ctrl+J system keybinding. Broke up text in a way that gives the impression of good document formatting despite the constraints of markdown.

v0.3.3 publised

  • Implemented the function of deleting tags
  • Completed internationalization of alert messages


  • Integrated sentry error log analysis

v0.4.0 publised

So far, all common joplin functions should be supported, except for restriction

  • Pop-up alert when notes or attachments are opened and found not to exist
  • The list of deleted attachments is sorted in reverse order of the user's update time
  • Add instructions for deleting attachment resources
  • Open an attachment immediately after it has been manually created
  • Update roadmap
  • Update get-started documentation to sync with English and fix some of the issues
  • Added documentation for recommended vscode extensions
  • Use command to open files with .drawio/.km suffix if the corresponding extension is installed
  • Fix a problem with translated text

The next major feature update will be to multi-select and then batch process notes (as I discovered when migrating the blog earlier, adding blog tags for notes that need to be exported still has to be done using the joplin client). Also, help is welcome (e.g. to optimize the documentation, there should be quite a lot of room for optimization in the current plugin documentation)

Dependent vscode api: Add multi-select support to custom tree view · Issue #76941 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub

It seems that you have encountered more small problems in the process of using it than I thought. . . after updating some functions in the next major version, I will proceed to deal with various detailed errors.


I will not try to implement all the functions provided by the Joplin plugin. If you really need Joplin's plugin system rather than the VSCode editor, then you should try the Joplin application.


  1. Extending Joplin | Joplin
  2. Plugins - Joplin Forum

v0.4.1 publised

  • No longer include suffixes in names when uploading images and creating attachments
  • Use context.globalStorageUri.fsPath instead of the deprecated API context.globalStoragePath

joplin-vscode-plugin There is currently an error editing attachments, please do not edit attachments directly in vscode, ref: Some problems with attachment editing

v0.4.4 publised

Attachment-related operation optimization

  • When creating an attachment resource, insert it as an image if it is an svg

  • Create an attachment with a title that is always the full name of the file

  • When opening an attachment, determine if the title does not contain a suffix before splicing the suffix

  • If you check that the attached resource is markdown/drawio/km/svg or something like that, try to open it with vscode

Published v0.5.0

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Project migration, including the following projects, to be merged into the monorepo project joplin-utils