Please add Copy to CLipbpard for code snippets on final rendered view of note

Please add the "copy to clipboard" icon for code snippets on the markdown rendered view.
I have seen where this was supposed to be picked up by a developer , however, it was started, then dropped.
Since the majority of your users , use this for coding notes , i think the Joplin user community would greatly benefit from this.


Just for the sake of inclusivity, i should mention that the majority of Joplin users (probably) don't use Joplin just for coding notes. Joplin has a wide range of users and seeks to provide functionaly that is useful for all of them.

It seems that you're a developer. Have you seen that Joplin has a plugin API? You can add this feature as a renderer plugin. If you do make it, please consider sharing it so that the other users of Joplin can enjoy.


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