Paste Special Plugin - New version released (July 2021)

Hey guys! As HTML to Markdown was quite awaited. Here, i release the first version of it. It is based upon Turndown service package.

Release Link :link:



  • This is not the best version of it, it is yet to come with more development and community suggestions.

Any chance to paste resources (images) without downloading them a second time from Joplin ?

I think you can already do that. If I have a screen shot in my clipboard (windows 10) I can just ctrl-v paste it right into the markdown editor.

What happens when you try to do this?

If I copy paste, the images just up I have this before downloading the images again in Joplin :

![]( [GitHub](,Download,-Link)


It's the case for anyone. You could stop internet before pasting in Joplin to see it.

Hmm. When I paste I get this:


Maybe there should be a new thread to discuss this.

I get the image like you if I copy paste directly only one image.
I don’t get it if I paste more content or using the option HTML as markdown. (I use portable version).

Joplin has done this for some time now when pasting in images. It seems to generate separate IDs for the filename and the image data. I thought I'd posted about this before. I cannot find it so I may just be imagining it!

I do recall someone was searching for a "bad" resource but could not find it. They were searching in the resources (using your example) for 9a2bfc2b02b2e2ca8667697ef2cb7618.png when they should have been searching for 65b1c217823e439885b9121f11e926c6.png.

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Thank you! HTML-to-markdown paste special is super-useful. It works really well as far as I can make out, even for some complex web pages.

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Sorry, I completely misunderstood what you were asking about.

Hello, Chinese users cannot access Google. Can you download jpl on github? thanks

If the plugin has been released, you can install it from the app directly, is it not working?

Chinese user and often can't connect to the plug-in library. If possible, it is very helpful to provide jpl download on GitHub. thanks

You mean the plugin page doesn't work in the Joplin app? Because it actually gets the plugins from GitHub, including for the search function.

Can you open this file for example? Maybe the GFW is specifically blocking this for whatever reason.

Chinese users often cannot access the plug-in library. This is not a problem with Joplin, it should be caused by the firewall. Fortunately, there is basically no problem downloading via GitHub. The link you provided can be opened.

Yes but the point I'm trying to make is that the plug-in library is hosted on GitHub. What error do you get? Can you provide a screenshot showing the issue?

Hey! I understand your problem. No worries. I just attached the plugin file to the release, you can go download that from github only now. Do tell me if you face more errors. Kudos!


Sometimes you can access the plug-in library. More often, as shown in the figure, you can't connect to the plug-in library. However, downloading from GitHub is normal

截屏2021-08-02 20.12.03

Hmm, ok I guess there's something in the request that the GFW doesn't like, maybe because it doesn't come directly from a browser.

You can always get the .jpl directly from the repository if needed: plugins/plugins at master · joplin/plugins · GitHub

And perhaps we could link to the .jpl from the plugin list too so that you don't need to know the plugin ID to find it.


Talk to your representatives, maybe they could reconsider their policies! :slight_smile:

Does it require internet connection to function?