iOS and Dropbox synchronisation not working

iOS 15.3.1
Joplin 2.7.1
Database v41
FTS enabled 1

ios joplin app version = "Joplin 12.4.2"

version of IOS itself is = 14.8.1

I don't have a github account, so I will post the log I have here - only way I know to do that from ios is to screenshot it - is there some way to capture the log as text?

I'll note that I turn off automatic updates and do not run encryption.

I am also getting "Network request failed" error with e2e and dropbox target.
ios: 15.3.1
joplin: 12.7.1

Same problem here on iPhone and iPad. Lastest versions of IOS and Joplin.
Dropbox and encryption on.
Any solution?

I also had the same error and it came some time after an IOS update I did. After that, I was able to synch with dropbox and also other cloud systems only by using HTTPS instead of HTTP as protocol. This seems to be a "feature" in IOS :expressionless: Now I am able to synch with iPad Prod and with iPhone as well.

I'm having the same problem.

Same issue here, but only on my iPhone, the sync works on all other systems. The last synced note has been on 31.03.2022. Even a fresh installation after an iPhone reboot didn't solve it. Encryption is enabled.

iPhone (not syncing)
IOS 15.4.1
Joplin 12.7.1
Database v41

iPad (syncing)
IOS 15.4.1
Database v41

Windows (syncing)
Windows 10 Version 21H1
Joplin 2.7.15

Mac (Syncing)
Big Sur 11.6.5
Joplin 2.7.15

Another victim, Dropbox sync between two Mac's is fine; IOS devices stopped syncing around 9 April. Logs have same error as in original post.

Another Victim. Prior to today I have uninstalled App. Re installed and re synced. I do not use encryption. It worked for a short time but then starting error again and does not sync.

i tried to install Joplin on my new iPad and the sync is not working;
Reading this forum, it seems nothing can be done and we just have to wait for a new version of iOS Joplin app to fix the bug?

The new iPhone App 12.7.2 solved the issue! Just update and sync again. Thank you Laurent for the quick fix.

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Yes, the new version of the iOS app solved the issue on iPad.


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I can‘t check Dropbox right now, but I am using 12.7.2 and it looks as though I may still be experiencing the problem reported in this thread. Please see:

P.S: Sorry, my mistake: I only had Joplin 12.7.1 on my iPad. After updating to 12.7.2, sync is working again.

12.7.2 solves sync for me too. Huge thanks to Laurent and the Joplin team for this quick fix and amazing application. Time to become a monthly donor

I thought 12.7.2 on IOS had fixed the problem, and I'm sure some things synchronised, but now it's not. I'm using 2.7.15 on linux. I've just been experimenting and if I make a notebook or a note on either, they don't sync over to the other.

(And now, just to prove me wrong, it worked this time. I did syncing many, many times over on both devices and just this one time it decided to work. I defo seemed to be the iPad that was not uploading/downloading to/from dropbox that was preventing the sync)

I also thought 12.7.2 fixed this problem, but the issue is definitely still there on my iPad Mini 2.

Joplin 12.7.2
iOS 12.5.5
Dropbox sync does not work at all, even though Joplin says sync is completes.

Same network errors here, but only on iPad. iPhone syncs fine.

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