No sync via Dropbox between iPad & Smartphone

12.7.1 under iPadOS, 2.7.2 under Android

I have synchronized multiple times on both sides and receive reports of success, even listing number of items created, fetched or updated, yet notes I have added or updated on my iPad Pro 2020 (running iPadOS 15.4.1) are not up to date on my Samsung Note 10 (running Android 12) and a new notebook created on my Note 10 does not appear on my iPad. Please provide troubleshooting instructions.

P.S. After further research it seems that this may be a duplicate of

except that I am already using Joplin 12.7.2 on my iPad. I will post back pnce I have a chance to see what my Dropbox folders look like.

P.P.S. Sorry, my mistake. I just noticed that the issue was reported fixed in Joplin12.7.2 for iOS. After updating to 12.7.2, sync seems to be working as expected :wink:

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