Dropbox sync process for iOS

What is the process to configure dropbox for iOS. I entered configuration menu and changed the synchronisation target to Dropbox, but there is nothing else to prompt for my dropbox credentials.

I also have Joplin for Windows and it has a button for "Open Sync Wizard" and dropbox works just fine on windows, but not on iOS.

I am using iOS 15.6 Iphone 11 Pro Max - Joplin Version: 12.8.1

This is the settings screen on iOS

In the [...] mobile application, select "Dropbox" as the synchronisation target in the Configuration screen [...]. Then, to initiate the synchronisation process, click on the "Synchronise" button in the sidebar and follow the instructions.


I recently started using Joplin, begnning on my Macbook and importing notes and notebooks from Evernote.

I also have a problem with iOS and iPadOS using Dropbox. Joplin syncs fine between my Macbook and iMac. Notebooks and notes match up, and new notes created on one sync on the other.

On my iPad, the notes from the time of installation (August 27) synced. However, my notebooks were not added (but tags were). Also, anything created on my iMac after August 27 have not synced. Similarly, a test note and notebook created on my iPad have not synced to my iMac.

Any ideas on what I can do?

Thank you.

Update: looking at other threads, I changed the auto-lock settings on my iPad to never turn off, and the notebooks then synced. A short-term fix it would seem.

However, new notes still are not syncing between devices.

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