Few features requests

I am enjoying Joplin.
Here are a number of features I'd love to see

  1. tags - the possibility to add a tag while writing e.g #tag and the word tag is registered as a tag
  2. Notes - like when reading an eBook: you can highlight a word or few words and make notes regarding the word/words - these notes can be read by hovering over the highlited text and can become their own notes
  3. Word cloud
  4. Visible calendar that holds all the notes created in a particular day

Thank you for making joplin

Have a look through the plugins, many of these have already been done or at least are close to what you are asking.

1, 3 and 4 I'm pretty sure all exist (e.g. inline tags, graph (not sure about that one) and note overview).

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Really overwhelmed by the amount available.
Many thanks

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Number 2 of your suggestions sounds like PDF markup, doesn't it? But maybe it's meant as a feature to be used not inside attachments (any external PDF editor can do that), but inside notes. Evernote has native capabilites of marking PDF; in Joplin you have to rely on the standard application for that format defined by your operating system. As it says in the yellow banner when you open a PDF: All changes you make will be saved to Joplin as changes to the note attachment.

@asrient is currently working on improving the PDF viewer as part of GSoC 22 and as mentioned here, they have added annotation already so that should be coming shortly anyway!