Features I'd Like to See

List of features I'd like to see after using Joplin for a few days. No, I didn't search for similar posts.

  • Option to line wrap note titles in the note tab.
  • Option to access multiple notebook source locations in the same open program.
    • Different sync settings for each source location.
  • Option for unsorted list of notes within specific notebooks.
  • When pressing {Esc} after doing a search, return to the same Notebook in the Notebook tab.
  • Make the Show Advanced Options setting persistent.
  • Substitutions for key pieces of info like {Last Updated} or {Note Title}.
  • Way to put fields in templates and tab between the unfilled fields.
  • Do not convert Tags to lowercase.
  • Title cut-off when PDF with long filename attached to note.
  • Bigger display port for attached PDFs.
  • Problem with no space after code block in "--m (dash, dash, em, space)."
  • Some sort of file indexing instead of having to read up all files at program start.
  • Need a pure, minimal HTML export for uploading to places like Microsoft Teams.
  • Save the resources with their file extension so that files can be viewed with Windows File Explorer.
  • Need a back button or escape key that goes to the previous view after switching views.
  • When adding tags, automatically pop-down the drop-down combo-box of existing tags.
  • When doing a search and clicking on one of the notes returned by the search, scroll to the part of the page containing the first match.
  • Way to specify the default notebook for new notes created when currently-selected folder is All notes.

I don't think the conversion of tags to lowercase is related to Joplin. I believe this is generally the case for the tag system.

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To the first point i guess you meant this

wrapping and text alignment option should be inside the rich text editor as well which allow the flexibility.

Also there is an issue with the tab spaces like, I can't put the tab spaces I think that should allowed.

Try this:

Set notebook sort order to Custom order and rearrange notes as desired.

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