Coding Phase - Week 10 Report

What's done

  • Worked on PR #6747.
  • Integrated annotation editing library to the fullscreen viewer.
  • Worked on adding text highlighting support.


I also experimented with other alternate libraries but none of them were meeting our requirements.
This is the only library for web that is able to save the annotations directly to the pdf file.
But I got to learn this library has some limitations.

  • Not all types of pdfs are supported. I came across some pdf files that the library could not handle, specially if it's compressed.
  • Since annotation editing and pdf viewing are provided by 2 different libraries, they does not work very well together, after an annotation is added we need to feed the new pdf binary to the viewer to re-render the new changes. This is currently causing a flicker in page after adding the annotation. I will try to fix it by showing the old page canvas until the new canvas is ready.


Plans for next week

Will mostly keep working on annotation editing

  • Add UI for text highlighting, showing color options etc.
  • Fix page flicker issue.
  • Add support for new text annotation types like strikethrough, underline etc.
  • Add undo/redo support.

Will also work on creating new PRs for waiting features if current ones gets merged.