Feature request: Filter tags by notebook

It would be nice if there would be an overview from only the tags that are being used in a particular notebook (ie the selected one)
Coming from Evernote (and very happy with Joplin as alternative) I’m used to create a lot of tags, but when clicking down in the subfolders, this gets reduced to an amount that is easily manageable, when tags-not-in-use are filtered out

Welcome to the forums. Before we go any further, this topic will most likely be closed by the mods since this is one of the highest requested features here and the mods are trying to crack down on duplicate posts; they're just too hard to manage with how little resources are available. It's nothing against you and i hope that you participate here and get comfortable. We're always looking for new people. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Or ignored. When someone cannot even search the forum before posting, I don’t feel inclined to reply at all. There are just too many posts to deal with this.

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@tessus Honestly, there a many other and better possible answers than this one you gave.
You’re right, “there are too many posts which deal with this”, non of them provide an answer. Most of them were silted up. There is still no improved searching, no possibility of combining tags when searching, no limitation of tagged notes to a certain folder. No offence, but please welcome new users and give honest answers at least to questions which aren’t still answered. The documentation for “searching” does not mention “tag” with one word. Just as a hint.

Imho, Joplin is on a very good way to become a serious alternative of Evernote. But imho, without a well thought out searching functionality which covers tags and combinations of them, this will be very hard.

Just my 2 cents.


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This is not true. In several of them it is mentioned that there will be a GSoC project. The only thing you have to do is go to the following category:


And I’m sorry. After 2 years as a moderator I have literally read 19,200 posts (not a joke. this is the number from the admin panel) and it is more than just annoying that people do not read other posts before posting. And if you had searched for things like (tag, boolean, search) on this forum, you would have found many topics that explain what I have just wasted my time on to explain it again.

The documentation cannot mention anything, because it hasn’t been added to the code yet.

And if you had searched for things like (tag, boolean, search) on this forum, you would have found many topics that explain what I have just wasted my time on to explain it again.

Imho, there is no “wasted” time in communication; it only depends on what you communicate.

You mustn’t get frustrated by the questions asked by novice users. My proposal is: be patient and guide them politely to the documentation page where they’ll find two or three paragraphs describing what is possible in Joplin and what not yet. And yes, give this answer again and again. This will rise the chance that everybody who searches the forum about the current limitations of tags and searching will read this sooner or later.

I think there are most of the time two reasons when a first time user asks a question:

  1. Misunderstanding, needs clearance
  2. Missing feature (or rather unlikely, a bug), needs confirmation/explanation, wants to discuss.

Advanced users are able to determine if their question is one of type 1. or 2. and they mostly will come out at 2).

But within the phase of doing the first steps with an application, this can be hard; especially when the documentation lacks the information which of the probably expected features are not possible. (The documentation does not even mention the word “tag” - know what I mean?) This is exactly the reason why people are still asking questions which look stupid to you. People (in particular those coming from Evernote…?) simply cannot believe that Joplin currently has some limitations. To make this absolutely clear: this is OK for an open source project - but it has to be communicated in the documentation; not scattered in forum threads you first have to search and find.

Joplin needs and deserves attention. All I want to achieve is a better understanding for the negative external effects it can have when you are giving frustrated answers to users which dare to ask in best of intentions.


PS: As it seems, user @oneindelijk did not appear again on this forum since his first and only question got ‘answered’. Space for interpretation…