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Plugin: Embedded Tags

Initial release of 'Embedded Tags' plugin -


A plugin for Joplin that allows 'Embedded Tags' to be inserted in your notes. Embedded tags are separate from the tags that are directly linked to the note that you are currently editing/viewing (note tags), or other tags that may or may be linked to their notes (global tags). You may however choose to replicate note tags, or global tags.

Sometimes tags are put on a note because of one particular word, sentence or paragraph in the note. Returning to the note, it's not always obvious what section of the note relates to the tag. With embedded tags, you can replicate your note tags by adding an embedded tag to the applicable section that caused you to tag the note in the first place.

You may also use embedded tags to find and highlight specific sections of a note for faster viewing or retrieval. If for example, you store scientific papers in Joplin and you wished to find and highlight a particular citation, then you can apply an embedded tag to this section of your note.

Requires Joplin 1.8.1+ and only works in markdown editor


Hey it looks great ! A little screenshot or gif would be cool :wink:

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Thanks, I've uploaded a screenshot.

Thanks ! Looks great. Did you plan to integrate your plugin in the official repo ?

I will. For some reason, I couldn't include my first plugin as I had problems, but I will try with this new one.

Yes it would make it easier for many I think. I'm going to try it out right now anyway.

Listen, thanks a lot for this plugin. It is very useful. But I guess it would be even more useful if we could include those paragraph or block tags in the searches. But maybe something like that is already planned? ( @laurent )

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I still think this is one of the biggest misses in joplin: inner note functions. So I really like this idea and your work. But at the moment I see no more advantage for me over the outline plugin which actually brings you to your "tags". I tested it though and it seems to work just how it is intended to! thank you :slight_smile:
BTW: are you aware that if you blend it out and in again (with this price tag looking icon) it doesnt remember the latest size?

Thanks for your feed back, if the outline (TOC) plugin better suits your needs, then that's fine. The main difference between the outline plugin and this one is that you have to have headings and sub headings displayed in your documents via the use of # for it to work.

Personally, I store a lot of pre-written documents in Joplin which I cannot alter from the original, so I cannot add headings or subheadings throughout the document in order to generate a TOC.

I also use the standard note tags to mark a document if it has a particular reference to something that I may wish refer back to later. Without embedded tags this means that when I open a document I have no way of knowing where in a 20 page note the reference was to the tag that I linked to the note.

The way I use embedded tags is to replicate the linked tags to the note so that when I open the note I can find the reference within the note.

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Can you imagine an option to work with a dark theme?
I'm currently using the @tessus one and it doesn't work well with your plugin