Feature requests regarding tags and links to notes

Hi there

Just started using Joplin and I love it so far. Nevertheless I have a few feature requests which would enhance the work flow (for me anyway).

  1. An easier way to add a link to another note. It would be useful (for me anyway) to be able to do this doing a search (from the location in the note where I want the link to be) for the title of the linked note and insert the link by clicking the title. I bit like Wordpress has.
    I use a lot of lists like “See also” followed by one or more links to other notes. Currently to do that, I have to go individually to each linked note, copy the markdown link and paste it in the current note. A lot of extra clicks. Having just 10 notes, I already spend more time adding those links than writing the notes themselves.

  2. A (similar) way to ad a link to a tag to a note would also be nice.

  3. I would like (perhaps optionally) a list of the tags of a note (for example) at the bottom of the note in view layout. Right now, the only way to see which tags a note has is to edit the tags. Would also be nice if each tag is a link to the notes which have that tag.

These suggestions would apply to both the android and the desktop versions.

Regards, Morgan