[Feature Request] New Note Type: Exercise


Request for an “Exercise” note type with the following features:

  • Exercise description (e.g. “Evaluate: ∫₀¹x dx”)
  • Set of correct answers
    • Preferably this would match input with a regular expression
  • A way to type an answer and check whether it is correct
  • An ability to generate a “quiz” from all notes matching a certain set of tags
    • For example, selecting “MAT 334” and “Integrals” would display a page with all exercises created that have tags “MAT 334” and “Integrals”


I currently use Joplin to take notes for math/computer science classes. While this does seem like this would be best implemented as a plugin, I don't see a way to install/create plugins for Joplin mobile (and I would like to be able to access all of my notes on my mobile device).

I think this could be a great GSoC 22 project!

Interesting idea but I don't think it really fits what Joplin does. Joplin, to my mind, is more about being able to take note and create records of things, interactivity comes second I think...

Although I would suggest you look into Anki (https://apps.ankiweb.net/) which is a flashcard application in exactly the style you suggest with many different styles of QnA cards, tagging/filtering, spaced repetition, etc. I used it in my undergrad for ages and it's pretty great!

There have been calls for an Anki plugin in the past here and here but the plugins seem to be dead, you could see if someone is willing to make a new one...?

(On that note @tessus the hopepage for the plugin "Joplin Anki Sync" in the plugin list 404s, might want to try contacting the dev and see if it's been abandoned)

Thank you for the suggestion!

I think the main issue here is that the mobile apps don't support plugins (see Plan for plugins in mobile?).

I do agree that this would be best implemented as a plugin.

Mobile plugins are also on the GSoC ideas


I've been around for a little while and I think mobile plugins have been a near constant request since then :joy: glad to see the idea getting some love from the team!