Plan for plugins in mobile?

Just wondering if there is roadmap for the integration of plugins in the Joplin apps or if I'm missing something. As the number of plugins increase and they become more important, the bigger the gap is with mobile devices. For example, in my case, I use quiet a lot the Embed Search plugin for programmatically building my notes and as the plugin isn't in the android app, the note becomes unintelligible / unmanageable.

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I very strongly second this question. I've been incorporating joplin more and more into my life (holy heck is it a great app!), and I'm noticing this gap quite a bit. For my workflows, I sorely miss being able to quick link to other notes on mobile.

Looking at the Plugin Architecture, it seems like it calls for a "Platform runner" component and/or "PlatformImplementation" class. Would love to hear what the core devs think about this - are there blockers preventing this from being worked?


I strongly need the plugin feature for mobile.
I made a plugin to add rendering feature (something like mermaid.js, but other type of svg image). But I couldnot see the image with mobile phone.
If plugin feature wouldnot be available in the near future, I would consider attach images instead of using a plugin.

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