Spaced repetition plugins and apps

Found this Janki plugin from this Reddit thread during research on spaced repetition. It says it "provides an Anki editor within the Joplin environment, allowing bidirectional links between your notes and your Anki cards."

Would this be useful enough to anyone that they'd want the developer to officially publish it?

As for alternatives, the Joplin Anki Sync plugin is officially published. However, the developer wrote that it may be too rough for others to use currently. Baeuda also exists as a Python project that converts Markdown files into Anki assets.

Are there any other spaced repetition plugins and apps that somehow interface with Joplin?

Are there any other spaced repetition systems besides Anki (like Supermemo, Mnemosyne, etc.) that you would like to use with Joplin?


Might be hot to have something like this for working with Brainscape, another adaptively spaced repetition flashcard system. However, it has rather limited Markdown support, and each field has input length limits, so some "filtering" would have to be done. For now, I just create my Brainscape cards at the Brainscape site, though I can see there being ulility in being able to write up an entire card deck as a single file with particular markup in Joplin, and then have a plug-in check it for compliance with Brainscape's requirements, and when good to go, then scriptedly publish the material into a Brainscape deck. That would actually be much more efficient than trying to work directly with Brainscape's rather poor editing interface.