Flashcard Functionality?

Hi all,

I began the journey that led me to Joplin by starting at Quizlet. I was, and still, am, I suppose, looking for something that will allow me to study material by interacting with it in various ways included in other flashcard applications. I love Joplin and the fact that it is open-source and independent from big corporations. Any help is much appreciated!

Hi and welcome on board !

May be you are looking for something like that https://ankiweb.net/ which is made for that.
I made that GitHub - foxmask/baeuda: Baeuda - 배우다 - Learn - Create Anki Cards from Joplin Notes which allow to create anki card from joplin.
I use that to learn korean. I entered a lot of tables, from korean books I'm reading, into joplin, then run baeuda to create deck and cards into anki. But it's not tied to korean. It's fully configurable

I hope, i'm not an the wrong way with all that explanations :wink:

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