Pen support - For real this time

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Joplin is an awesome App for note-taking, however there is one thing that is stopping me, as well as a lot of other students that's stopping me from using it.

It's pen support. Unlike OneNote, Joplin doesn't just allow you to scribble around your note with a pen or select/move drawings, transform to text, etc. Generally - this is also the only reason why I am still on windows and not on Linux - getting OneNote to work natively without that one really bad snap that only supports the web OneNote features.

I highly recommend adding this feature in, as this will attract a ton of potential new users. Especially since the 2-in-1 Laptop(touchscreen) and Tablet world is growing.

The previously mentioned thread is 4 years old, and yet still nothing has happened - which is exactly why I am opening this one. Thank you for considering.

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Everyone wants this feature, it's not a dead topic. There are just two problems in the way:

  • There's no support for plugins on mobile atm (though I believe this is on the way)
  • Iirc, there's problems with updating a resource and updating the links to it (though this may be an old issue)

Mostly it's the first one though, there's a tonne of options for how to implement the idea, it just woudln't be supported on mobile anyway right now

I'm currently working on this! See GitHub - personalizedrefrigerator/joplin at pr/svgEditor.

It's going much slower than I thought it would, however.


Nice! I spotted your comment scrolling through the other thread, glad to see it's still being worked on :grin:

Is mobile plugin support not still a problem though...?

I'm implementing it as a part of Joplin's core functionality (in the mobile app), not as a plugin. It's being developed primarily for mobile (desktop support may be added later).