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Feature request: Inline PDF


I would like to propose the ‘inline PDF’ feature.

When using Evernote, I often ‘scan’ documents into PDF to archive them digitally. When using their GUI based applications, it would show my scanned document inline.


  • There is only one attachment
  • The markdown is empty except the link to this attachment
  • The attachment is of type application/pdf (or .pdf)


  • In rendered view, show the PDF instead of the rendered markdown.

There is a PDF viewer for React Native so that should be possible - https://github.com/wonday/react-native-pdf

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Opening attached files at Android

I also use Evernote like a digital filing cabinet, and scan to PDFs extensively. I would love to see this feature implemented!

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I am also highly interested in inline PDF support. Having used Evernote with loads of scanned PDFs this would be an enormous step ahead!
Although the links work well in both desktop app and mobile app, it would be great to at least have the first page rendered and open the PDF externally when clicked.


I registered to cast another 2 cents; this feature would be invaluable for me.