Ability to view PDFs, .docx's, etc as "View Inline?"

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Switching from Evernote to Joplin questions:

Often I will put a corresponding document for print or reference within an Evernote.

Maybe someone sent me a list of event ideas as a Word doc or PDF, or maybe there is a handout that goes along with a talk.

In Evernote the .docx or PDF can be viewed inline. But so far, I'm not seeing that to be the case in Joplin? Is there a plugin or something I am missing?


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I guess that means no :slight_smile:

Oh well... I had hoped there was something I was missing...

Hi Thomas. I'm pretty sure inline viewing of PDFs etc isn't available in Joplin, but I'd also love to see it. It's really useful like you say.

They have I believe just added OCR so finger's crossed they'll get to these kind of things too.


Yes only for the preview, not MD or Rich Text editor

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Question for you, I'm probably missing something... Is notating in Markdown with two columns "normal"? What is the purpose of typing in two columns? I'm sure there is a common use case that I am just missing, I just do not understand it yet...

  • I do understand the MD concepts

I just don't see what benefit having a dual pane window is over a Richtext full window. But it's probably me that's missing the concept I fully admit!

Interesting that viewing PDF's inline works in the Preview editor, but not the richtext editor.

Yes. It used to be the only way when Joplin was originally published as a Markdown-based note-taking app.

Joplin now has two editors. The original Markdown editor and a Rich Text Editor (RTE).

The idea of the Markdown editor is that you type in one pane using Markdown and the other displays the text with the Markdown rendered. The render pane is read-only. This does mean that you cannot accidentally edit the rendered note, unlike the RTE.

The RTE was later added for those that had decided to use a Markdown note-taking app but did not want to type the Markdown. A single pane does everything.

The Markdown editor itself is activated using the Markdown editor button (1) and the Toggle editor layout button (2) is used to cycle between different views of that editor. It will cycle between editor / viewer / split view each time you press it unless you change the sequence using View > Layout button sequence.


There isn't. They are basically just two different ways of doing the same thing. One is for those who prefer to type the Markdown code themselves and the other is for those who don't. Each may have additional benefits for different users.

I personally use the Markdown editor with the toggle set to Viewer / Split View. I keep Joplin showing just the read-only viewer, only pressing the toggle editor button to move to split view when I want to edit and then toggle back again when I am finished. Most of my notes contain command lines and codes, so when I copy from a note to paste into a program or terminal I cannot accidentally move the text as I drag the mouse, thereby mucking up the commands / codes. I have even removed the RTE button from the Joplin interface.

Being two totally different editor packages they each have different available features. However, features are often added.

Happy to be wrong about this - really pleased to see there is inline in the Markdown viewer. Rings a bell now... I'd long switched the Markdown editor/viewer off!

It would be great to see inline PDFs and other doc types in the Rich Text Editor as I think it's fair to say that Markdown is very much mainly a "coder thing" and something mainly used by people from that world. As Joplin becomes more feature-rich and more people migrate from the likes of Evernote, I'd imagine that a lot of these non-code minded users will automatically gravitate to the Rich Text Editor. I imagine Thomas is one of those people, and I certainly am :slight_smile:

As a related aside - or possible workaround for now - I was looking for a keyboard shortcut to quick toggle between the Markdown Editor and the Rich Text Editor and I couldn't find one. Am I missing this somewhere - hopefully there's a way? Would be very handy!


Interesting interesting...

Sooooo I'll be curious to see if I can do preview-only on mobile when presenting a talk, and using it for notes.

Will grab a tablet at work tomorrow to check. Thank you.

I am indeed yes! I just use the rich text editor for sure. I'm not opposed to Markdown # * ** etc commands, but I want the markdown to populate into it's formatted state. So I usually do that all within the Richtext editor yep yep.

Interesting. So like I mentioned a moment ago, I'll grab a work tablet tomorrow to check; but if the tablet can have full-screen rendered note, that would be helpful when presenting. Trying to read back marked down annotated notes seems like it defeats the purpose (but it's just me not understanding the workflow I readily admit)...

Ahhhhhh did not fully grasp that okay thanks!

Okay this is super interesting to hear your specific use case. That makes total sense.

Okay thanks! I'm grasping this more and more as time goes on. Excellent thank you so much for the detailed reply to a Joplin noob ha ha. Hearing others use case specifics helps somehow untangle it in my mind.

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