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File Uploader and OCR

I created a quick-and-dirty companion python app for Joplin, which will allow a monitored directory scrape into Joplin. This is a feature I use extensively with Evernote where it creates a new note when an file is dumped into a pre-defined directory.
Seems the API only supports image files, not PDFs.
This app will also create notes from plain text files. If anyone is interested, here’s the repo:
REST Uploader


Thanks to @laurent updating the API, I was able to enhance my companion app to handle all filetypes. It also does OCR for images and adds the OCR’d text as a Markdown comment. It will extract PDF text and create a one-page preview of the PDF. If anyone is interested…

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Is your source code/app available?

Hit that github link for REST Uploader above.

Let me know if you have any trouble with getting it working – It’s not the most elegant thing in the world but it does work.

i move the post to “apps” category to join the little group of existing ones
maybe you could add setup.py to the project, and thus would publish it on pypi.org

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I should do that, yes. I’ve never published anything to pypi, would be a good exercise. I also considered hooking into your api library to streamline things.

Other things on the unofficial roadmap:
auto tagging based on ocr matches
auto cropping / image rotating based on filename
a better sweep system to handle missed files in case the service stops running

… I don’t get many opportunities to work on it, though, so it’s hard to say if I’ll ever get a chance to implement those things.

main goal: having fun :wink:

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I published this to pypi today!

It’s packaged in a more sensible manner now and should be easier to get up and running. Just pip install, call rest_uploader with a directory to monitor.

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