Feature request: Inline Xournal++ files (.xopp files)

Similar to: PDF viewer, audio and video player now in Joplin 1.5

In rendered view, show the Xournal++ file instead of the rendered markdown.

This would help make Joplin a viable OneNote alternative for many people.


I looked up Xournal and it looks very useful. I currently use OneNote for all my digital handwritten notes and these notes stay in OneNote. I'd like to be able to send them to my real note stash in Joplin.

Xournal++ dev here. In my opinion Joplin and Xournal++ are a strong combination. They could be working together better with this feature request.
@laurent22 Let me know if we can do something to help with this from Xournal++'s side. Also, could someone point me to the code file(s) where the preview rendering for PDFs is handled in Joplin?

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There's not much to it, Joplin relies on Electron for pdf rendering.

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