Fav/Quick list for notes you want with 1-click, like Shopping List?

I’m curious what other people use to access a note as quickly as possible, such as a shopping list in the store. Currently I use a tag group called !Starred and my Shopping List tagged as that, but it is still 4 taps to get to my note:

Hamburger Menu -> Tags -> !Starred tag -> Shopping List

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It’s been suggested to add the concept of favourite notes or tags, which would solve your problem, but it has not been implemented yet.

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I do not understand this request.

  1. Is this specific to the mobile client?
  2. Are you trying to get to a note that is, itself, a list?

To me, it seems that using a notebook containing simple todos as a “list” solves this problem because the mobile client is organized at the top as notebooks. So having a notebook that is “@Shopping List” (with notebooks sorted by title) puts the list where you can get to it quickly.

That’s actually what I do for my shopping list and I find it easier too.

But also Evernote has a concept of favourite notes, which all show up below a menu. That makes it easy for example to pin certain notes you frequently need or that you’re frequently working on at a given time. I’ve been planning to add this feature pretty much since day 1 but never went around doing it.

Are you (charles/laurent) saying you create a new notebook, and fill it with “empty” notes only using the title of the note as a “list”-style item? So for a shopping list it’s whatever, 30 todos with titles like “eggs” and “milk” but the 30 notes themselves are empty?

Yes that’s right. I use to put my shopping list in a separate note, but now i find it easier to use a notebook with todos inside.

It means i don’t need to scroll up and down because the things i haven’t bought stay on top.

Also the nice thing is that, since i sort the notes by last modified, when i prepare my shopping list the things i often buy are towards the top and i can quickly put them back in the list (by unticking them). It’s probably a matter of preference but I find it easier to manage that way.

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I like the idea of starred notes. This list of notes could also be used instead of the empty welcome screen in the mobile apps.

I’d really like the ability to star notes, which would give them priority position in the left-hand navigation, possibly even above the “Notebooks” section.

I use a single note with checkbox list, since I have ordered my items to match my route through the shop.
I use a piece of javascript to hide/unhide checked/unchecked items, so when shopping I only see the items that still need to be bought, and they disappear as soon as I check them.

Caleb wrote some css in one of the topics in this forum that does the same.

.md-checkbox input[type="checkbox"]:checked,
.md-checkbox input[type="checkbox"]:checked+label{

Er, yes, That is the code I use :smile:.

I too tried to use a notebook with to-dos as a shopping list app, but it's very limited, it turns Joplin into a very basic list app : no dual list (item list with all items → shopping list with items to buy), no way to group items by categories (fruits, dairy, hygien, ...). I wouldn't call that a shopping list app.

I ended up doing something more elaborate (see https://discourse.joplinapp.org/t/joplin-as-a-shopping-list/32285), but I still think there's some space for improvement.