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Fav/Quick list for notes you want with 1-click, like Shopping List?

I’m curious what other people use to access a note as quickly as possible, such as a shopping list in the store. Currently I use a tag group called !Starred and my Shopping List tagged as that, but it is still 4 taps to get to my note:

Hamburger Menu -> Tags -> !Starred tag -> Shopping List

It’s been suggested to add the concept of favourite notes or tags, which would solve your problem, but it has not been implemented yet.

I do not understand this request.

  1. Is this specific to the mobile client?
  2. Are you trying to get to a note that is, itself, a list?

To me, it seems that using a notebook containing simple todos as a “list” solves this problem because the mobile client is organized at the top as notebooks. So having a notebook that is “@Shopping List” (with notebooks sorted by title) puts the list where you can get to it quickly.

That’s actually what I do for my shopping list and I find it easier too.

But also Evernote has a concept of favourite notes, which all show up below a menu. That makes it easy for example to pin certain notes you frequently need or that you’re frequently working on at a given time. I’ve been planning to add this feature pretty much since day 1 but never went around doing it.

Are you (charles/laurent) saying you create a new notebook, and fill it with “empty” notes only using the title of the note as a “list”-style item? So for a shopping list it’s whatever, 30 todos with titles like “eggs” and “milk” but the 30 notes themselves are empty?

Yes that’s right. I use to put my shopping list in a separate note, but now i find it easier to use a notebook with todos inside.

It means i don’t need to scroll up and down because the things i haven’t bought stay on top.

Also the nice thing is that, since i sort the notes by last modified, when i prepare my shopping list the things i often buy are towards the top and i can quickly put them back in the list (by unticking them). It’s probably a matter of preference but I find it easier to manage that way.

I like the idea of starred notes. This list of notes could also be used instead of the empty welcome screen in the mobile apps.